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My Confirmation Call.

Submitted by: Star


I'm a 22 year old girl from the southern part of India. I'm naturally someone who's got a lot of goals and somehow they come into fruition. Sometimes I doubt because I'm human too. Sometimes I forget my power and then I get back to it. Kinda like every hero in a movie.


So I wanted to go to Dubai and I’ve been very confident about it. I do not have any doubts or the need to have to get it confirmed right now or anything like that. Even now, I know that I’m going on a safe, happy and secure Dubai work plus vacation trip soon and I’m getting the call this month. I kinda know it more than wanting to believe it. It’s a feeling. Life still showed me the reality that I still had not received any such opportunities but I didn’t give up.

Yesterday I got a call from American Express credit card and all it said was “Do you want to travel? You are travelling this very month, very soon. This is a confirmation call that you are travelling to the place you wanted to. This is American Express credit card”. It went on to say more things but I cut the call. That’s it. That’s all I needed as a confirmation. I remember asking for a confirmation to the Universe about when I will be going to Dubai, without any doubt. I asked it because I wanted to for fun. Because I had and have no doubt in my mind that I’m travelling to Dubai this month or the end of next month. It’s Universe’s call. Not mine.

I am very grateful to share this tiny message because sometimes we get so caught up noticing that “It hasn’t manifested yet!!”, that we forget to enjoy the journey and all the signs that the Universe is sending us!. Why do it if it ain’t fun? Ultimately we all seek love, faith, success and happiness. If we can stop complaining about what isn’t happening and start focusing on happiness and the signs that the Universe is sending, we’d receive it in minutes. Or, at such a perfect time that you will thank the Universe that it wasn’t sent earlier or later. Trust the Universe. You think you can control everything? No. The Universe says let me take care of it. So trust and have a little faith. It’s not a big deal for the Universe as it is for you. Have fun manifesting!!

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