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Move Traffic – when needed

Submitted by: Danielle

New York

Mom, Wife, Manager


I find this no coincidence – many times in my life I have used The Secret not knowing it. I have even spoken to friends about many things written in The Secret. It just put it all in perspective.

My new found fun time is traffic!
When we find ourselves approaching traffic – I visualize the speed I want to be going. I see the spedometer hitting that speed. Usually within seconds the traffic clears or speeds up to the speed in which I visualized.

My husband will call me when he is on the road and I will visualize his speedometer and the speed he wants to go. At first it took minutes to happen now it really happens within seconds.

I did it with friends in the car the other day and they initially thought I was crazy until they saw the stopped-dead traffic speed up as we approached. All the brake lights went away. I think that was my most amazing manifestation from The Secret yet.

Thank you God & Thank you for bring The Secret into my life.

It makes me feel like anything is possible.

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