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Miracle Job!

Submitted by: Komal Reen


I am a very optimistic person having full faith in God and the Universe.


First of all, I would like to thank Rhonda mam for bringing the knowledge of The Secret into our lives. Throughout my life, I have tried to remain a positive person but there was something that I was lacking but couldn’t understand. I always used to wonder about the phrase ‘If you love anything from the core of your heart, the whole Universe conspires to get it done for you’. I couldn’t perceive how the Universe had anything to do with what I wanted. Eventually, after reading The Power, I finally understood the magnificent role the Universe is playing in every second of our lives.

I have received abundance using the law of attraction and I am sharing one of the most beautiful miracles of my life that seemed almost impossible to everyone else.

I and my elder sister graduated from college in the same year because she joined the college one year late. Together we were appearing for competitive exams for government jobs and we gave many exams. When the result of one of the exams came, I was selected and she was not. I was happy but at the same time sad for her. I always felt that since she was elder to me, she deserved to have a job first. Despite this result, I used to feel that she was going to be the one who will sign her joining letter first. Everyone kept saying to me that I was being ungrateful for what I had achieved and there was no point in thinking that she would get a job before me because the results of all the exams we had given were declared and there were none pending. However, I kept visualizing my sister going to her office and having a wonderful job.

Then the Universe played its part. Just one week before the commencement of my training for this job, a new waiting list was released for the exam that had had its results declared a year ago. This new list came just out of the blue! And guess what?!

We both were selected for the same government organization. We went to sign our joining letter together and she was first to sign it. On our joining day, we first went to her office and then to mine!

All this was possible because of the power of faith. If we keep visualizing our dream, we will surely achieve it, no matter what.

I have made The Secret my life and I am sure I will have many more stories to share with you all. I hope everyone understands this beautiful Secret of life and apply it to their own lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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