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Manifesting The Job Of My Dreams!

Submitted by: Shannon C.

Puyallup, WA

I'm an empty nester, married for 30 plus years, learning all about manifesting an amazing rest of my life.


I work for a company and have gone through several transitions, as we merged with new companies over the years. My boss was great and pushed me up through the ranks, finally offering me a management position when our company was purchased by a much bigger company 5 years ago. I accepted and, for the most part, enjoyed my new role, at first.

Then I grew more and more miserable. The work just kept getting piled on, until I was working 10 hours a day during the week and several hours a day on weekends. I was salaried, so there was no overtime to make it worthwhile. I had to accept calls overnight and sometimes even had to work overnight when an employee didn’t show up.

Then our company got hit by a virus, which took us to our knees. I worked 32 days straight after that. We eventually got back to full functioning, and then the layoffs started due to the financial hit the company had taken. As groups of managers were laid off, the work piled on those of us left. And while I was grateful for my job and tried to think positively, the workload just kept getting worse.

I tried applying the law of attraction even before the virus, thinking about what I did want instead of what I didn’t want. I imagined working five 8-hour days and not being on call after hours. I didn’t want to find a new job, I wanted to work for the same company. I wanted to work with people I loved, and I really thought I’d enjoy the training team.

I started telling anyone who would listen that I wanted to work on the training team, even people who didn’t have any involvement in the training team. I also took every opportunity to help train others, though it was not typically part of my job, imagining each time how I’d love doing this full time.

Then, one day, I was moved to a different manager. I had worked with her briefly in the past and loved her as a person, but as a manager she was a nightmare. The work she expected of us was so much that I was back to working 10-12 hours a day, and many hours on weekends, just to barely keep my head above water. I still felt like a failure for all that I didn’t have time to do. I was at the end of my rope. I cried several times every week from exhaustion and hopelessness.

Then one day, I decided to think differently. I decided to think, “What if this is exactly what needs to happen to get just what I want?” It helped me through many bouts of tears. I’d recite my mantra and then go back to imagining the great new job I hoped to manifest.

A couple of weeks later, after a particularly bad day, having recited my new mantra repeatedly, I got an unexpected phone call from the training team manager. She had never called me before though we had spoken numerous times over the years. She asked if I was interested in a position on the training team. It came as a total surprise, but, in total shock, I said, unequivocally, yes!

It took a couple of weeks to go through the interviews and eventually make the transition, but during that time I found that my current manager had witnessed me conducting a software training for a team of managers during the virus incident. Apparently, she had been impressed with my training abilities and had told me so. I’d told her how much I loved training and that I’d love to be on the training team. I have no recollection of the conversation with her, but she had written it down, and when the training team asked her about me, she remembered my love for training and told them they would be foolish not to hire me! So truly, everything that had happened, did need to happen, to get me what I wanted.

I’m now on the training team and loving every minute of it. I work for the same company, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, with no overnight or weekend work. Just like I had imagined. My new boss is amazing and I get to do what I love every day! The law of attraction really works!

I’ll write again when we finish manifesting our new house. We already have the house picked out, the owner is an old friend who is going to carry an owner contract for us, and we’re working to get our current home/property ready for market. With the right price on our sale, we will pay off all of our substantial credit card debt, my car and be completely debt free other than our new home! Three cheers to the law of attraction!

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