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Manifesting Housing And Education.

Submitted by: Ellie M.M.

NSW, Australia

I'm a 19 year old spiritual teacher, writer and advanced astrologer.


As a child, I had a vivid imagination and my capacity for visualisation was quite powerful. I was artistic and creative, and being an only child living in an isolated location from others, my mind was the only place I could turn to for entertainment.

As I grew up and began attending school, my parents gave me the option for choosing where I’d liked to go for high school. There was a high school that was an hour away from where we lived and we took a tour there during the inspection day. The school was the best one in the area and was in high demand so places were filling up quite quickly. After visiting, I decided that this is where I would attended high school. I visualised attending class and meeting new friends there. Surely enough, I was one of the 100 people selected, though my school marks had very little to do with my acceptance.

Being an hour hour from my home, I didn’t like the prospect of traveling for an hour to attend there every day, so I visualised my parents buying a small house in the local area where we could stay during weekdays so I could go to school. I didn’t put a lot of effort into my visualisations, I just let them flow naturally an, firmly believed it would happen. One day after school, mum said “I have a surprised to tell you, bought a new house!”. I was so happy though it was difficult to act surprised. After all, I asked the Universe for it and had never mentioned the idea to my parents.

The same story occurred when I applied for one of the best Universities in my country. There was a very slim chance for me to get into the course I wanted because my final high school marks weren’t anywhere near close enough to be granted entry. I heard about an opportunity for ‘early entry’ whereby if you could prove you had the capabilities to attend, you’d be allowed in regardless of your marks. I attended an interview and I spoke to the man with confidence and certainty that I was capable of doing their course. Though I was 20 marks off from my exams, I visualised attending the course I wanted to do, and sure enough, I was granted entry. I never let the ‘physical’ and ‘logical’ aspects stand in the way of getting what I wanted.

The next step was again accomodation. After visiting the various student accommodations, the room numbers were again, quite slim. I visited 2 buildings, one was further away from the University, meaning I would have to take a bus. The carpets were stained and dirty, the mattresses were hard and the walls were made entirely of dark bricks, no bathroom and no kitchen. The next one was only a 10 minute walk from the University, having nice coloured dorm rooms, soft and comfortable beds, and your own kitchen and bathroom. I only visualised being in the nice dorm rooms, I never even considered anything else.

I just typed this story from the comfort of my clean and beautiful studio dorm room that I had asked for.

Thank you!

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