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Manifested My Perfect Husband And Dream Wedding.

Submitted by: Sonia

United States

Successful Software Engineer and a happy wife.


I was introduced to The Secret by my best friend 12 years back. I could never manifest anything that I wanted. Whenever I prayed or wished for something it would always go the other way. My wishes were mostly for good relationships. I never wished for my grades or job or finances but I always got them even before I could think about them. My scholarship in school, my job, my visa, everything came to me without ‘asking’ and they were all nothing less than miracles.

I always used to wish or pray for a marriage and a companion. I would get with the wrong people, underestimating myself. I had been in a couple of ‘wrong’ relationships. During that period I used to try and apply The Secret principles and I would fail. I used to try to be happy but would end up crying somehow. After my second relationship failed I decided to let it go.

I first started working on myself emotionally. I used to be very thin and extremely attractive when I first got into my first relationship. With time I had gained 20 lbs of weight and lost the charm I had. I decided to not freak out about my looks and just enjoy my life. I started following my hobbies, listening to music and stopped thinking. I made a list of qualities I wanted in my husband and I made sure they were very detailed. I also made sure they were all in the present tense. After that, I just let it go. I never thought about my relationship status. I just kept going to work meeting my friends, spending time with myself, following my hobbies. I didn’t have time to think about anything else. Even at nights as soon as I closed my eyes I would fall asleep. Before this, I used to cry myself to sleep.

Six months later I casually wound up on a dating site speaking to several people, among which one of them was my future husband. I responded to his message a week after he messaged me and we spoke the very next day. We spoke for 4 hours nonstop and felt an instant connection. A week after talking to each other he said he felt I was the one. During this time I had gained 10 pounds more and he loved my personality more than my looks. He never made me feel insecure about anything and he respected and loved me for being me. We dated for a few months and he proposed to me for marriage with a ring. I never visualized these moments like I used to do before.

Within a year we got married and I had a big, fat, Indian wedding, exactly the way I wanted. We both came from different castes, backgrounds, and communities in India and it was not easy to convince our families for the wedding. But the situations changed again and that was also nothing less than a miracle. Everything happened so quickly and it was just like a dream. I have never been happier in my life. Also, my husband matched by 98% the list I had created before meeting him.

I did not learn how to use the law of attraction on purpose that easily. I failed for 10 years. I then sat and thought about where I was going wrong. I realized I miraculously got things I never ‘asked’ for and I never got what I ‘asked’ for. So I changed the way I pray and ‘ask’ now. I never wish for anything in my prayers. I just thank God for everything he has given me already.

Most importantly, I learned to let go. This is the most difficult part. We always think we have learned to let go but no, we don’t. When things were not going right, I wanted to just let it go. I always used to come back here to read stories on how to let go. I would read stories and try to understand them but the only way you can achieve it is when you feel it. When you let go completely you will be at peace. Even when the world is falling apart you will be at peace. There were very tough times when we were trying to convince our families, all I did was I just let go and didn’t think about it and I was feeling at peace.

To everyone out there waiting for a miracle. Just stay calm, let go and be thankful for what you have now. All the good things are coming your way.

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