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  • Date Posted: Nov 13, 2017
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How I Manifested My Flat In London And £10000.



I'm a single working mum with 3 beautiful daughters who found The Secret 7 years ago through a friend and have never looked back. I also brought the book to friends in need. How amazing it is to see their future changing also. I can't thank you or your team enough, ever, Rhonda Byrne.

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How I Manifested My Flat In London And £10000.

I used to live in a beautiful home in the country but had a very volatile relationship with my husband. One evening it all got to be too much, the police were called, he was arrested and myself and my children were taken to a refuge where we were to spend the next 7 months in one room with two bunk beds. Life was at rock bottom for sure.

My friend gave me a copy of The Secret. At first I did find it all hard to believe but being on the brink of suicide I knew I had to change my thoughts. I read the book over and over until it sunk in, it took the 7 months. I never got a penny from my husband and I also wanted to prove to myself that I could cope by myself. I have worked all my life anyway since my part time job at 13.

I did a vision board and I put on it that I wanted to move back to London. I cut out pictures and went and viewed at least 15 flats. I found the one I wanted and I stuck the pamphlet the agent gave me on my board.

During that time I had met some new friends including a mortgage broker, who to this day I don’t know how he got me a mortgage but thank you to him. The flat I wanted was £20k over my budget. The guy who was buying it dropped out and they needed a quick sale so they gave it to me knocking off 20k! We moved in and work started picking up, just as I had asked on my board!!

Then last year I read another one of Rhonda Byrnes’ books which had The Magic Check in it. I wrote out £10.000 to myself and put it by my bed. Every night I wrote at least 10 reasons why I’m thankful of my life. I knew that check was coming, I had not one doubt because I believed it was already written out for me somewhere.

Then 8 months later my ex husband who hadn’t given me maintence for 4 years phoned me and said he’d sold a business and was giving me 10k for the girls and I. He would have been the last person ever to give me anything. I now have a check written for £937000 waiting for me and a flat in Hampstead when it’s ready to show. I also have manifested the funds to upgrade the refuge that helped me so much in my desperate hours and made us feel safe.

Rhonda Byrnes, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for the words written in your books, I have read all of them and they have completely changed my life. Thank you so much.


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