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Manifested My Dream Man After Countless Heartbreaks.

Submitted by: Alice


22, Student.


I had come across The Secret in my teenage years but it was not until last year that I began to seriously implement its practices into my life. Until then, I had had plenty of hookups at university but when I decided to find someone to be with, I was always left heartbroken after numerous encounters and dates.

Over a year ago, I began practicing The Secret fully and integrating its practices into everyday life. I had also read The Magic at this point. Soon enough, I met a tall, handsome blond man who I got increasingly close to. Yet the whole dynamic and pace of the relationship left me upset and angry despite me trying to convince myself it was right. However, the Universe knew exactly what was best for me. The blond man left the country last summer and in turn, left me heartbroken. After weeks of crying and anger, I decided to do something about it.

I wrote down on an old notebook exactly what I wanted the partner of my dreams to be like. Tall, a rugby player, a medical student, someone who truly loves me for who I am. I was convinced that this was going to happen. I stopped focusing and communicating with my ex and being appreciative of all the things around me. Instead of feeling sadness or jealousy at the sight of a happy couple holding hands, I conditioned myself to feel joy and happiness. I began to speak in a way that made me believe in love and that I already had all the love I would ever need from my friends and family. I loved myself. I ate properly, I exercised and I socialized and was grateful for every moment.

As the new term of university began, I was introduced to a guy that I would be working alongside with for the rest of the year. Gradually we became closer and eventually fell in love. One day, as we lay in bed, I was reminded of the wish I had send out to the Universe. I explained to him that it had come true and he was living proof of it. A tall, handsome, a rugby player and medical student was now my boyfriend! I couldn’t quite believe it! The funny thing is that we had frequented the same bars and had the same social circle for a whole year. He had never noticed me before. Yet nothing had come of it until then! Once I finally began to appreciate the things around me and exude love and kindness to everyone, the Universe responded.

I learnt to not rush and panic if things aren’t going at the pace I wanted them to. I learned that I was emitting negative energy because I didn’t have what I wanted yet. By feeling abundant and appreciative of all the things I do have, only then did my dream manifest. I believe the Universe always has a plan, and if you are emitting the right frequency, that plan will work out better than you think.

Rhonda, I want to give you and your team my most sincere thanks for all that you have done. I feel very grateful that I am now in love with the man of my dreams and that love is reciprocated.

Many blessings to you,


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