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Magic Letter.

Submitted by: Dave d.


I have read the entire Secret series; but The Magic is far and away my favorite, and the one that has made the most significant impact on my life.


On 08-21-2014, my 5 year old son had been asking to go to a particular vacation destination as a family. However, the financial and time off from work situation at that moment, did not present any path that I could see for that to be made a reality for us. However, in spite of not seeing a way to be able to do it, I told him yes anyway.

On 08-22-2014 while surfing on the internet, I came across a story online about how a person had used the law of attraction with a goal to manifest $1,000 in a week. I read the story and though I had read similar stories before, this one jumped out at me as being special. The end result of that story was that the person manifested about $10,000 in unexpected income in six days.

Impressed to take action, I used my own method:

I wrote a letter to my son, telling him that Daddy had manifested $300 of unexpected income in one day, and that we were going to go to that destination in which he desired to go. I told him that I had manifested it “out of the clear blue” by asking, believing, and by being grateful for the things we already have. Then I closed the notebook, put it away and did not give it another thought.

I always have a morning and evening gratitude time that I spend giving thanks, and I continued that. My wife and I include our son in that time, which is something he enjoys.

To make a long story short, I did not receive $300 on 08-22-2014. However, on 08-28-2014 I did receive $1,393 completely unexpectedly through a disbursement from an account that I had long since forgotten that I even had! It was not even until after I told my wife about the unexpected income that I remembered the letter I had written to my son!

While I had not received any money the day I wrote the letter, 6 days later I received this amazing windfall. That money averages out to be about $232 per day manifested for the 6 days it took to receive it! I call that a complete success, for which I am really, really grateful for!

What this reaffirms for me is that one significant factor that plays a role in manifesting blessings in your life is the motivation you have. Dollar bills alone did not really inspire me in and of themselves. The inspiration for me lies in the peace, freedom, and ability to serve that those dollar bills bring with them. Inspired by the desire to fulfill a promise to my son, I was able to manifest far beyond my expectation; which, as Bob Proctor says, puts you “…in the position to create bigger and better fantasies.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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