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Submitted by: atina.atina.atina


I am a fashion design student from Düsseldorf. I have finished my fourth semester and right now I am going to do an internship at a famous fashion design atelier. I am a very happy and positive person. Most of the time I spend with my family and closest friends which is very important for me. About 3 months ago I started with my Gratitude Journal and it changed my life completely.


I wouldn’t say that I was a negative person before I started reading The Secret but after I finished with all the books, I realized that I was negative a lot of the time. I was thinking about what I did not have instead of what I had!! When I changed my way of thinking, everything changed. I want to thank Rhonda so much for all of her books!!! The Power was actually the one book that had such a huge impact on me!!

When I first started with my Gratitude Journal everything changed!!! Three months ago I started with writing down things I was grateful for. I first started with 10 things but now I sometime write 20 things down. Some days there so many beautiful things that are happening that I am so grateful for and it is amazing how this actually changes everything. When you are grateful for what you have the Universe gives you so much more and its true!!

In my fourth semester, we all had to look for an internship, starting in the fifth semester. It is really hard to impress the famous fashion designers because there are so many good fashion design students all over the world. During that time I really wanted to go to London College of Fashion to do a short course in Digital Pattern Making but I had no money. I had only about 100 euros in my bank account and I had a lot of exams at that time. But, I believed in my dream. I imagined how it would be to go to London and what the people would be like in this class. I imagined having my certification in my hands. I had no money so I did research about how to get credit. But I had no chance as a student and with no job.

Then my stepfather found out about it and he gave me 2.000 euros to go to London and to follow my dream. I was so grateful!

This London trip I did was magical. Every day I went to Hyde Park, sat there and read The Secret!! I was so happy. I made it to the London College of Fashion and my exams at my University in Düsseldorf went so well too!! It was so amazing that in those weeks I had no stress and no worries. I was so calm although I had a lot of things to do and I had no internship place yet. I did not give up. Every single day I wrote down what I was grateful for and what I was grateful for that would come my way. Every single day I wrote down how happy I was receiving the internship placement of my dreams. I believed in it so much!!

Then one email after another came to me!!! I received many beautiful emails from famous fashion designers!! One from London, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I could not believe it!! And every fashion designer that I really dreamed of getting in contact with wrote me a positive email!! Now I have many offers from famous fashion designers and I decided to do all of them!! So, I will start my Bachelor degree program one year later. I am so happy because now I can collect many contacts and who knows where my path will lead me! I know that everything is good and that I can do whatever my heart wants me to do. I just have to believe in myself and have trust in the Universe!!

Also, I have no finances problems anymore. I asked for a paid internship and I received it from the Universe.

Dear Universe, thank you so much for Rhonda Byrne. I am so grateful and happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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