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  • Submitted by: Charli
  • Date Posted: Mar 18, 2017
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Lost Luggage.



Female and living in London.

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Lost Luggage.

I had been flying back from an amazing holiday and my luggage didn’t turn up at Gatwick. I started to worry and think the worst. Days went by and still no sign of my suitcase. The airline I was dealing with was also not very proactive which made things even more stressful and I started feeling down about it.

I have been using The Secret for years and was introduced to it by my mum when I was a teenager. When this incident occurred, I suddenly remembered to apply The Secret and visualized having my things back. I did that every day for a couple of days. I also read The Secret stories on this website to uplift me when I my thoughts started going negative about not having my suitcase.

I had a happy ending in that my case was found after 2 weeks and returned to me. Never give up on what you want. When you start to doubt yourself switch your thoughts back to the positive by getting inspiration from these stories. Visualize and just believe you already have it.

These stories helped me so much and I want my story to help someone out there who may have lost something and need it to be found. Thank you for The Secret and thank you for bringing my luggage back to me.


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