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How LOA Helped During My Maternity Leave.

Submitted by: Icklezee

United Kingdom

I'm a mother of a 2 year old balancing motherhood and a professional career. I've been unbeknownst using the LOA for years but never realised it was actually a real concept. That's until a colleague shared what she'd been reading and seemed to be quite successful with it. When I read it, being a positive person anyway, it wasn't a difficult thing to adopt but I needed to work on showing more gratitude. I'm so grateful for coming across it now 3 years later.


After I read about the LOA over 3 years ago, I realised I’d been practicing this before I really knew what the law of attraction was. I’d always been and still am, a positive person and I had driven quite a successful career by the age of 31. However it was gratitude I needed to work on.

One occasion that stood out for me was when I fell pregnant. I asked the Universe for a happy, healthy baby with my partner who at the time I’d been with for 10 years. We’d decided to try, and in my head I’d visualised a baby with my blue eyes and my partners blonde, curly hair. I asked because I was told by my doctor it may be difficult for me to conceive and carry due to me having  an underactive thyroid. This had caused my periods to stop for well over a year about three years prior to trying. After showing gratitude for everything that I had achieved so far by the age of 30, the first time we tried we fell pregnant.

I also asked for a baby that was healthy, with my blue eyes and blonde curly hair like my partner. I had a bouncy baby boy at 36 weeks with blue eyes and blonde curls.

Just before I gave birth too, I asked for an understanding, supportive mum circle who could help guide me because my mum died several years ago. Not long after I found out I was pregnant, 2 of my other work colleagues found out they were pregnant. We gave birth to our children within 2 weeks of each other. We met up on maternity leave and met a larger group of mums at baby groups and I’ve stayed friends with this group for the last 2 years. I’m forever grateful for the support they had for me while my son was young and understanding everything about babies. I don’t know where I’d have been without them with me not having my mum to support me, as well as older friends who watched my son while I caught up on sleep.

The first time I manifested money was around the time I was preparing my son’s christening. It was getting towards the end of my maternity leave and savings were getting low. I continually showed gratitude for my wonderful son, friends, partner and family. I  donated a baby food parcel in celebration of my son’s christening to share some of the happiness we had with another family. Afterwards I asked the Universe to send us enough to tide us over until I went back to work.

A couple of weeks later a letter from HRMC dropped through the door and it was a letter declaring I was due £ 987 as they’d taken too much tax from me in the last financial year. In the last 11 years of working I had never, ever received a tax credit until now. I asked and I received and it truly made all the difference for the last month of my maternity leave.

The above is really the tip of the iceberg as I tend to encounter Murphy’s law every 9 years and so far, the law of attraction has helped me through this each time. I’m currently going through it now and I plan to write my memoirs to share how the law of attraction has helped me overcome some really difficult challenges in my lifetime, baring in mind I’m only 33. I’ll share that once this chapter had concluded. Thank you!

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