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LOA And Behold!!!!

Submitted by: Spruha


A Secret devotee.


Hi friends!

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to Rhonda and the team behind The Secret. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I started reading the stories on this website a while back and ever since I was confident that I would write about my experiences. I read ‘The Secret’ and saw the movie for the first time in 2012, and I have had a number of experiences since then.
I describe some of them here:

1. In 2012, I realized I was pregnant and our joy knew no bounds! Everything was going good till one day, the scans said that there was a some problem with the baby, which might have to be confirmed with a test. We were terrified! I didn’t sleep the entire night, and the next morning was the test.

To our worst nightmare, the test confirmed the problem, and so the doc said the pregnancy would have to be terminated. They gave me a date for medical termination, which was about 2 weeks from the test date. Those 2 weeks were the worst weeks of my life! I just did not want to accept the fact that my baby would suddenly be gone now! I had started feeling it’s presence. I felt it’s kicks and knocks as it was the sixth month of pregnancy. As days passed, I watched The Secret movie and read the book again and again and again, and fell asleep every night while reading, hoping for a miracle.

And, you won’t believe, but the doc called in just a day before the day of the pregnancy termination, when I had almost accepted the bitter truth after waiting and waiting. He said that the previous test had given a false positive results. There was only a 0.0001% chance for the test to have a false positive result as it has such a high accuracy rate!! We didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry!!

My baby girl is now 1.5 years old, healthy and the sweetest baby ever! This was the best ever experience of ‘The Secret’!

2. My periods had been irregular right from the start. I had started gaining weight right from puberty and my ‘regular’ menstrual cycle was anywhere between 35 to 45 days and sometimes, even 60 days! The first day used to be so bad that I would skip either school, college or the office on that day. My periods in July came after a whopping 70 days and were very heavy and painful! Then I read some of the inspirational stories related to periods on this website and thought, why not give it a try? I had nothing to lose!

I started practicing The Secret and thanked my periods for coming naturally and regularly. I said this every night starting from 28 days after my previous date of menses. And a miracle happened! For the last 2 months, my periods have arrived exactly on day 32 of the cycle! Exactly!! I was shocked! I mean, this has never happened in the past 16 years!! Wow!

3. For the last 6 months, I had been trying to get into my dream company. Despite being ‘liked’ by the seniors in my tests and interviews, I was not selected because they found more able candidates. Fair enough, I thought, but I did not search for another job yet, as I believed, somewhere in my heart, that my place was with this particular company. I made a vision board with the company logo and wrote my joining date next to it. I wrote myself an offer letter from the company and visualized getting a phone call from the HR congratulating me.

And sure enough, after a week, I got a phone call, followed by the offer letter, with the exact date of joining that I had written about and asked for! I start the job in a few days!

These 3 incidents are just a few of many that made me a true believer and follower of The Secret! Next, I am manifesting long, black, thick hair, flawless, glowing skin and perfect weight. My second story will be written by a new, more beautiful me!

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