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Life Will Get Better If You Believe.

Submitted by: Nicola

Oxford, England

I'm a married mother of two, who had my first child at the age of 20. After years of practising the LOA on and off, I am finally on the path of realising and achieving my dreams.


I fell pregnant at the age of 20 while in my last year of university. As it was a surprise baby, we were not prepared at all. We had no home of our own and no savings. My boyfriend, now husband, was on a minimum wage job and I had no job as I was studying full time. To help us, my mother-in-law allowed us to stay in an outbuilding in her garden with the baby. There were two small rooms and the cooking and washing facilities were all in the main house. We stayed here for two years and then went on our own two feet to rent a flat. It was here that I was introduced to The Secret by my mother.

After practising The Secret and changing my mindset, I started to win small amounts of money in the lottery here and there. My boyfriend was also starting to do very well at work which was part basic salary, part commission based. After two years of living in the flat, we found we could no longer afford the increasing rent, so moved back in with my mother-in-law. This time we moved into the main house with the purpose of saving up for our own home. Unfortunately, house prices in our city were very high and both sides of our family were not in the financial position to help us out. So we were resigned to staying for an unknown amount of years.

My son was growing up and in nursery, soon to be school. That was when I decided that in order to get our own home, I needed to reconnect with myself and the truth, which is the law of attraction. I also wanted a sibling for our son but realistically we had to wait until we had our own home. I bought The Secret book and started practising the LOA again. Over the course of two years, our life had changed dramatically!!! In timeline order, I’ll summarise:

My grandmother paid for our wedding abroad and others contributed.

My husband got a job at his dream company and has gone from minimum wage to above average in a matter of 5 years.

I got a promotion at work and was able to fit my hours around school pick up.

My husband passed his driving test and we bought our first car.

I fell pregnant after trying straight away, knowing in my mind with faith that we would have our own home before the baby was born.

We found a perfect house for a great price in a village outside our home town and my mother-in-law agreed to pay our deposit for the house as part gift, part loan!!!

We upgraded our car to an Audi.

Our beautiful baby boy was born in January, much to the delight of his big brother.

So to cut a long story short, in a matter of 5 years we had gone from no home, no money, no car and one child to owning a home, comfortable living, a nice car and two children. There were many points where I felt trapped and as if we would never move out of my mother-in-laws. But the key was to remain positive and to keep faith. Now life is great and I can look forward to what the future brings. I’ve started practising again and getting my mind back into the flow of the LOA just because it is such an important and vital habit to learn for daily living. I’m currently on maternity leave and am hoping to find a new job by the time I return to work. Watch this space!!! If I can do it, so can you!!

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