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Last Hope For A Job.

Submitted by: Mystical Hope

Maryland, MD

Just a lady with hope.


I never knew I used The Secret in the past until I found the site a couple months ago. Back in the year 2009, I graduated from high school and decided to look for my first job. I wanted my first job to be in the retail section of fashion. When I was young, I never had a chance to express myself. I was not allowed to wear certain kinds of clothes nor change the color of my own hair because my parents did not approve it and thought it was too inappropriate for family gatherings. So with my stubborn mind, I set my goal to work in retail fashion. Days turns to weeks and weeks turns to months. I had not received any calls and I did receive rejection emails stating thank you for applying but we hired other candidates that were more qualified for the position. So, I gave up and went to college.

Fast forward to 2015. I tried again and this time I visualized myself working, greeting and cashing out customers that had purchased beautiful clothing and thanking them for shopping here. Every single day I visualized and kept on checking in on my application every other week, determined that I already had the job.

Then that day magically happened! I was called in for an interview and you will never believe it but that the interviewer’s name is Destiny. So by fate, it was meant to be! I cried and was so grateful for an opportunity to work in the retail area of fashion. But sadly, it was only for a year, so short lived because the store closed down. I was given opportunities to transfer but I lacked the transportation needed to continue working. So my journey for that company ended there and I was back to square one again.

Fast forward to 2017. The available locations for looking for other retail fashion jobs was so scarce that nearly all locations were closing down and my hopes for pursing a job fell through the cracks. Almost a whole year without work, I felt useless. As the year was running to an end, my parents talked to me and told me it was time for me to leave this state and be with my sister as she needs help. I was sad but I had no choice but to leave the state.

Nearing the end of the year, in a new location, I tried once again. With that stubborn mind again I still wanted to work in retail fashion. This time I received calls but I could not pass the interview and rejection emails filled my inbox in less than a day. I was giving up hope and my parents were worried about me and wanted to take me back to where I came from the first time. With nothing to lose, I used The Secret, visualizing working every day surrounded with pretty clothes and happy customers coming back. Guess what?! I got the job and I am forever grateful to The Secret!

Thank you so much Universe and thank you to The Secret! The next time will be about attracting my lottery win.

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