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Know It Is Real And All Yours.

Submitted by: Stephanie

United Kingdom

I'm 28 and work as a scientist and safety adviser. I love nature, animals and all things spiritual.


Thank you God for hearing me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was living in a squalid terrace house in Chester. There was no room and the house was full of damp and mold. I used to cry and despair that my life was going nowhere. I was stuck in a dead end job, was struggling to pay rent on our horrible house and was always struggling to make ends meet. Once times were so bad that I could not afford shoes. I was walking home from work to the train station and it was raining terribly. It used to be a 2 mile walk and I had only just set off when one of my boots fell apart. I had to walk the whole way in bare feet and I have never been so embarrassed. I used to think that God had forsaken me and that I was cast aside, destined to work in a job where I was bullied and poor. The situation got so bad that I developed ill health and had to have a serious operation. Despite having a ton of stitches and struggling to walk, I was so poor I couldn’t afford to do anything but the two mile stretch to the train station on foot. I remember calling my partner on the way home from work once and saying goodbye to him as I was determined to end it all and jump in front of a train. He convinced me to stay strong and told me one day our life would no longer be like this.

He introduced me to The Secret, the movie version. When I was younger I used to be really into magic and had manifested many things. But as my life got harder I stopped believing and felt like the Universe was out to get me. A soon as I watched the film I instantly resonated with its message, it brought back all the hope I once had for manifestation. Then my sister bought me the book for my birthday and I took that as a sign to keep on going.

Two years later I had been offered a new job with a massive pay raise and was promoted with a another pay raise 6 months in. I began to enjoy life more and felt like life could only get better. I stopped believing the Universe hated me and and accepted that I am a good person deserving of a prosperous life.

There was still something missing though. My whole life I have loved nature and animals and my dream was always to own a cottage in the woods with gardens and a real log burning stove. I would flip through country living magazine and think, why can’t I have that? I knew that even though I had more money and a better job I still couldn’t afford to buy a house, let alone my dream house. There was only person who could help me and that was God. I would close my eyes each night before bed and imagine my home. I’d imagine sitting by the fire with my partner and picking roses from big beautiful gardens.
One day in work I sat at my desk and wrote pages and pages of details on my dream home. I even described what it would look like driving to and from the house. After I wrote it I couldn’t put it down. I would read it to myself on the train home and before bed and anytime I had to myself. My last thoughts at night before falling asleep where of my dream house.
After a few months my partner had saved enough money to buy a car. We were ecstatic because we knew we could now look for a new house to rent far away from the horrid terrace in Chester. My partner called me into the room to look at a house on the rental site. OMG I said, look at that cottage, it’s so beautiful. It could never be ours though I thought. That’s when I remembered that if I really wanted it, it would be mine.

As we drove there to view the house, we got slightly lost. We drove past the most interesting country lane. A winding road with a canopy of trees arching over one another, it looked so enchanted. I remember that road from my vision! I shouted, go down that road it’s down there, and it bloody was as well! As soon as we turned into the road it opened up into a beautiful forest. A cottage in the woods! Yes indeed and with a log burner and beautiful gardens as well as a private wood. This was my vision. This was my home. I almost cried right there and then, mostly because I knew there was a God and the he is generous and kind.

This summer the most beautiful roses of all colors are blooming in the garden. I didn’t plant them they were already there, I just didn’t know it. Just like the roses in my garden, what you need and want has been with you all along. You just need to accept it. Don’t think you don’t deserve it. Don’t think that just because others are worse off than you, you have to wait to be more deserving. We are all deserving and God’s gifts are not limited. There is enough happiness around for everyone to enjoy, you just need to accept it. Just because I have my home does not mean my dreams have run dry. My next needed thing is the ability to have enough money to give up work so I can spend my full time and energy on spiritual attainment. That would also mean I can buy my dream home and not just rent it because it is my dream home. I know it is meant for me and therefore in order to keep it I must own it. So I already know this will happen as I have my dream home. God would not take this away from me, he will only add to this.  So look out for my next story as I am soon to have wealth as well as all the beautiful gifts I have been given so far.

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