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Keep Moving Forward.

Submitted by: Giselle Chavez

United States

My name is Giselle Chavez. I am 20 years old and I am a firm believer of the law of attraction. I love the book The Secret and hope to one day get to read all of the other books as well. I've watched the movie The Secret as well, it is a must see. I wish to one day become a master of the law of attraction to help others believe as well.


My story centers around the time I was attending middle school. I was a girl with absolutely no self love and very low self esteem. I had been bullied at school for as long as I can remember. I moved many times when I was young but it was as if I was the target of bullies everywhere I went. In middle school, the bullying was the same as before. I was called: fat, ugly, unloved, lazy, annoying, etc. However, in middle school my mind couldn’t take it anymore. I had finally submitted to believing all of the hateful lies that I had been called.

I would get home from school and go straight into my closet. I would stay there for hours and none of my family members ever questioned why I would stay in there for so long. Everyone at school bullied me, it seemed as if my mom never paid attention to me, and the rest of my family members wanted me to stay away from them, or so they made it seem. One day, the emotional pain overflowed and I made the decision to commit suicide. I knew I was never brave enough to come through with it but I always thought that if I were to disappear, no one would care. In order to express my emotions, I had a journal in which I would write all of the hateful things that I thought about myself. The months went by and the negative situations, thoughts and emotions were steady. I kept planning in what ways I would end my life but it never happened. Deep down inside, I knew I didn’t want to die.

One day, my mom found my notebook. She sat down with me and told me that I am beautiful. Those words were enough for me to break down crying until my head hurt. I had a very deep conversation with my mom that day, one that I can say saved my complete being.

After that day, I forgave all the people who had bullied me and I also forgave myself for hurting myself. I had so much peace within me that I began feeling so grateful for everything. That is the moment when I began using the law of attraction without even knowing that it existed. I accepted who I was and where I was on my journey. I began being grateful for all the things around me, big or small. Sometimes I would feel so much gratitude that it would make me cry tears of joy. At that moment, it was also when I became friends with God and noticed that I was in control of my life. My life began to positively change. Once I was able to reflect on what I wanted in my life, I asked God to take me and my family someplace where we could start all over again. I also asked him if I could, in some miraculous way, begin college at the age of 15. I let that go and believed in my desire with all of my heart.

Months passed by and life was peaceful. Suddenly my mom had said that we were moving states. I was surprised but I knew it had to do with God’s will and the desire that I had. It turns out that where I moved, they have a school called the ‘Early College’ in where you start college while also starting High School at the same time. I got accepted into the school and I started the first day of school on my birthday. I had just turned fifteen.

Before I realized it, I was using the law of attraction. I actually did not discover the law of attraction until years later. I had put on a wish list that I really wanted to read the book The Secret, even though I did not know what it was about. Surprisingly, weeks later my mom appeared with the book after cleaning the house of an old friend that had left many things behind. She said she knew how much I loved to read and knew that I would love it. Once she handed me the book, I was shocked. Reading The Secret made me reflect on all of my life. It made me realize that at bad moments, I was making them worse with my emotions and thoughts. I had been using the law of attraction the entire time! I wish to one day master the law of attraction but as of right now, I am trying to take it one step at a time.

I want to thank the whole The Secret team, Rhonda Byrne, and just everyone on here for impacting my life in such a positive way. Much love to everyone! Thank you!

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