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My Job Success Story.

Submitted by: Dani D.


I grew up in India and have been living in Europe for the last 11 years. I am 33 year old new mom who first came across The Secret in 2008 and have been using it on and off. But the story below is the first time I used it end to end, to achieve my goal along with following visualization techniques.


I gave birth to my daughter in May this year and I wanted to spend some time with her before I started a new job. I was initially stressed about the possibility of going back to work 3 months after giving birth whilst breast feeding her. I went for a couple of interviews at this time and most of them were very good prospects for my profile but they seemed very hectic. As soon as I returned home from each interview, I started imagining how my life would be while working and breastfeeding and taking care of my daughter while managing the household. It felt very overwhelming and daunting. Unsurprisingly, most of these jobs never came through fully due to some kind of glitch at the company. Meanwhile I decided not to rush with my job applications and enjoy the time with my daughter. I felt that eventually I would find the right job for me.

In October I went to my business school to give a guest lecture where I’m currently pursuing a part time MBA. Whenever I’m at the business school I loved the atmosphere. I had always thought of working at an educational institution. This time I wondered how nice it would be for me to work in a University. As much as I love teaching, I was not a qualified teacher in any discipline and I had not really figured out how to proceed on that. I know that there are couple of subjects I could potentially become a lecturer for. I was telling one of my lecturers about how much I would like to switch careers and she said we can discuss that further via Skype. On my way back from the business school, it suddenly dawned on me that I could look for a job in a University in my current field and work as a non-academic supporting staff. This never occurred to me before.

I did a simple Google search to list all the Universities in my country and then started going through the open vacancies. I found a few good matches and then, there it was! My dream job with the exact requirements as per my qualifications. So I decided I was going to call to enquire about the job. I gave a call to the hiring manager. He was so nice and said he was free at 11:00 am for a chat. So I called him again at 11:00 am and introduced myself and enquired about what kind of candidate they were looking for, all the while I fed him details about me so I would be at the top of the list when they call in for an interview.

After the call I applied for the job and came down to the living room jumping and yelling that I found my dream job. I was  ecstatic with joy and excitement. My heart was full, that was how I felt it.

The next day was a Friday and when my husband returned home I told him I got the job I applied for. He first asked me if I was messing with him and if it was real. I then told him I believe in The Secret and this job was mine and I knew it. He said we should celebrate and we did it by ordering food. He thought I was crazy but he is such a sweetheart that he didn’t say anything negative.

And guess what happened?

A week later I got a call. I picked up smiling. The lady on the line said we would like to call you for an interview and are you available on this day. I said ‘yes’. So then for the next few days I started visualisation that the 2 colleagues who interviewed me liked me so much that they recommend me for the final interview with my boss. And guess what? They did!

I went for the interview on a Friday and they called me back on Monday with the news that I had been invited for a final interview and asked if I was available in 2 weeks for the interview.  Meanwhile, the strangest thing happened on that Wednesday. I got a call from the HR of a company I had interviewed for 2 months back. That job was stuck in a approval process and when it took so long, I had thought it was over. Lone and behold, the HR of that company who called me, apologised for the delay and then offered me the job. She also offered me a huge paycheck. I thought the Universe was ‘testing’ me to see if my heart was still in my dream job.

Then on Thursday the HR from the University called and arranged for an earlier interview date. After the interview, the boss liked me so much that he made an early decision and called on the Friday offering me my dream job!

I did everything as per the LOA. I even made my own ID card for the job even before I was called for the first interview. I started preparing to be ready to start the job. I visualised about how I would talk to my new colleagues, structure my job and all the things I could do. So I want to tell everyone that The Secret is real and the law of attraction does work. I manifested this job by my complete surrender to the Universe with full conviction that I already got it even before I got the call for the first interview. Ask. Believe. Receive.

Thank you!


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