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It Really Does Work!

Submitted by: Ryan T

Vancouer, WA

I am 35 years old and have been practicing the Law of Attraction for a little over 2 years now.


I was in a particularly difficult time in my life 2 years ago. I was struggling to make money in a down economy working in mortgages which were failing horribly as no banks wanted to do loans anymore.

I stumbled across The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich, and they really injected a lot of hope. I started really focusing on having what I wanted. Writing down every single day my goals as if they were already accomplished and giving thanks for everything and doing the best with what I had in front of me, my job and whatever opportunities that came along.

Then I got specific and visualized a certain amount of money coming to me, $300,000, which I could find believable, and wrote myself a check. I believed it would come and believed it would happen sooner than later if I held faith and kept it fresh in my mind and gave thanks for it even though it had not appeared. This went on for about 120 days or so.

Then one day I got a call from a paralegal for an attorney in Alaska who asked me if in May of 1996 was I involved in a car accident. Yes, I was. The guy asks me would I be interested in speaking with the civil attorney because they have discovered Allstate may have cheated me out of a lot money. This hit me like a ton of bricks and my head was spinning!!!

I agreed and got in touch with the attorney and he said Allstate may have unlawfully withheld a couple hundred thousand dollars from me based on a fraudulent release form they had me sign and would I be interested in suing them. Of course I said yes when hearing the facts this attorney had built up before calling me.

The case was filed and things went back and forth for several months. Allstate, on the eve of trial, decided to settle out of court for $500,000. After my attorney took his 1/3 and other out of pocket expenses he put forward for experts to be ready to speak on our behalf for trial, I got the check.

It was $303,818.61!!

Tax free because it was settled out of court as personal injury which is non-taxable.

I had been visualizing $300,000 and carried around that same check for several months before this ever happened, ALWAYS BELIEVING.

Some could say it was a coincidence. No way. An old, closed 17 year old case an attorney just HAPPENS to stumble upon and later bring me almost the EXACT amount of money I wanted. That was the Universe 100%!

I swear to God this story is true and I hope that everyone keeps their faith intact, does not question the “how’s” and just keeps doing what they are doing with the opportunities they have in front of them and keeps their eyes open for signs.

“Coincidences” will start to happen and you will get what you want if you believe it 100%. And the way you get what you want in the end may really surprise you!

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