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Maybe Not Overnight But It Will

Submitted by: J Loreina

Aux, New Zealand

32 year old single Mum who finally is learning and understanding the meaning of LIFE!!!! :) And loving LIFE tooooo...


I am a single, stay at home Mum to a gorgeous 21 month old lil’ girl whom I love with all my heart. And every day I am thankful and grateful to be blessed with her presence in my life.

It’s been almost a year since I was introduced to The Secret by a friend who sensed and could see, at the time, how much I was in desperate need of help and guidance. During that time I was so lost in negative thoughts, which led me to deep depression. I did not believe that anything good would ever happen to me. All I could think about was bad and awful things. The way I felt during my negative period, I attracted more every day. It was leading me into a suicidal state.

I remember thinking constantly, over and over, how much I knew I needed help. Just didn’t know how, what, or where to seek it. In thinking that way, I now BELIEVE it led my friend (whom I hadn’t seen in 2 years) to come and see me. That’s when he told me about The Secret, and gave me the book to read. He is a strong believer in The Secret. He helped me believe it, too…

As I write this, tears well up in my eyes as I remember that awful time and how now I am utterly grateful and soooo thankful to my loving friend, and of course to the entire team of The Secret!!!!!

Now, my life has completely turned around. I do not have any more negative feelings. I will admit it took awhile for me to understand how to apply The Secret to my life, but my constant thoughts of happiness and determination has kept me going.

To those who have read The Secret or have watched the DVD and have been trying to apply The Secret to their lives and feel that it doesn’t seem to work – It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Once you’ve asked for what you want or need, keep visualising and believing with all your heart that you have recieved it, like The Secret book says. You will feel that feeling of relaxation and happiness, knowing and believing that whatever you asked for, is on its way!!! There will be times where you will feel the doubt, but don’t let it get in your way!!! I know because I have experienced it.

For me, The Secret has helped me greatly with:

* my inner self (I used to always think, speak, and act in negative ways)

* my personality (I was a closed person, I never spoke or smiled unless spoken or smiled to)

* my relationships with my family, friends, and even strangers (I would always cause an argument with someone over little petty things)

* and my financial situation (Money would come and go the same day. I was in great debt. Did not know what budgeting was. I hated money!)

NOW!!!! I have overcome all that!!!

The main thing that stood out about The Secret and how it’s helped me with my life is,


Every day I am Thankful and Grateful, from something small to something big. It helps give me a peace of mind and heart.

Hope my story can help anyone else out there.

I am Thankful and Grateful to our Lord, my universe!!! Thankful and Grateful to my baby girl, she always puts a smile on my face, my friend who introduced me to The Secret, and not forgetting the entire “The Secret” team!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!! 🙂 Thank you!!! 🙂 Thank you!!! 🙂



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