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It Happened When I Truly Believed!!

Submitted by: Carlo

Greensboro, NC

I am a 30 something, single, independent woman trying to make it on her own.


I was introduced to The Secret a couple years ago.

I have watched the movie several times and read the book. I even created a vision board. My issue for as long as I can remember has always been money and finances. My parents have always managed money very poorly and so have I. I live check to check and I am thousands of dollars in debt. I have tried to follow The Secret off and on since I learned about it, but it seems that the “believe” part has always been what I struggled with.

Very recently I have been in the most difficult financial time of my life. Bill collectors call night and day and I have received threats of wage garnishments. Over the last week or two I have really buckled down and tried to truly believe that I am deserving of financial freedom and it is possible for me to have an abundance of money. I have worked hard at fighting any thoughts of lack or not having money.

Last week I hung up a list of 16 money affirmations in my cubicle at work. Affirmations such as “I believe that anyone can be wealthy, INCLUDING ME” and “Great wealth is flowing to me NOW”, etc. I say the affirmations in my head all throughout the day. I also ask God for financial relief every day.

Well, today I am down to 73 cents in my bank account and can’t really even afford to buy a cheeseburger! My bi-weekly payday is tomorrow and the whole check is basically going to bills.

So I am sitting at my desk today and my manager comes by and hands me a paper showing that I will receive and extra $125.00 on my check tomorrow!! It is money that is awarded from a quarterly bonus, but I had no idea I was going to receive any extra money, much less getting the money tomorrow!! I was SO happy and thanking God over and over.

It dawned on me, The Law of Attraction REALLY WORKS!!!! Of course the $125.00 won’t pay all my debt, but I am so grateful for it!! I think it took this “small” amount for me to start believing for real that it can happen!! When I came home and checked my mailbox after work I even had a coupon for $10.00 off a meal at a local restaurant. Money is coming in from everywhere!

I am now going to start being specific about the amount I want to receive and I know it will come to me! The Secret works and I know now that money will flow to me easily and frequently!!! I Believe!!! Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!!

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