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The Impossible Became Possible!

Submitted by: Disha Khanna


My name is Disha Khanna, I am an Architect from India. I am currently living in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and working here as an architect with a firm and leading my own team. I am so grateful to Rhonda for sharing the magical gift of life and all things good to this world. Forever grateful, thankful and magical.


Hello everyone,

My name is Disha Khanna. I am a 25 year old Architect from India, currently working in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Before I share my magical story with you all, I would like to thank Rhonda Byrne and her entire team of The Secret for sharing with the world so selflessly, the true magic of life. Words will not be enough to thank you.

As I had said earlier, I am an Architect working in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. I have been doing projects for my firm for nearly 3 years and get 1 month of annual leave every year to go visit my home country, India. In January I had promised myself that I would travel to at least 2 new countries in this year and at least 1 of them will be a fully sponsored trip. I didn’t know how that was going to happen but I was sure it would because of my faith and practice of gratitude. In the month of February I was told by my boss that he would like my colleague and myself to travel to accompany him to Dubai instead of him travelling alone. I was ecstatic, I could already see my dream coming true. By the month of May we were asked to submit our passports and decide our date of travel for the issuance of the visa. We did as we were told. To my disappointment my visa application got rejected as my passport was going to expire in 5 months and 23 days from my date of travel. The minimum criteria was 6 months passport validity from the date of travel. I thought I lost the chance to visit a new country but after a very short phase of disappointment I told myself that my passport would get renewed within 10 days time instead of the usual 1 month. I started working on the renewal process. To my amazement my passport took exactly 10 days to get renewed and on the 10th day I received a call to come and collect my passport. As I had dreamt, I took off to a new country which was fully sponsored and along with work, I got to see the city and all of its wonders.

In the month of April I was was magically given the wisdom by the Universe to apply for a Masters program and so I did. Since the masters program of my preference was extremely expensive I decided to apply through scholarship application instead of the regular application. I worked tirelessly for the scholarship exam and submitted my entry on the due date. Out of dozens of entries every year only four students are awarded the part scholarship. Although I had been a very average student all my student life, a part of me assured myself of being one of the four recipients of the part scholarship this year. Although it seemed like a 1% chance to everyone around me, I was sure I was going to get the scholarship. On the 16th of May, the day I was scheduled to land back to Dar Es Salaam, from my Dubai trip, the results for the scholarship were also due. As soon as I landed the first thing I did was open my email in hopes to receive the good news. To my disappointment and shock I didn’t receive the scholarship that I was so so sure I was going to get. The email read that although the jury really liked my work, due to dozens of other submissions I couldn’t win the scholarship. The university however offered me a place in their program, but I wasn’t happy about it as I would have had to pay the full tuition fee, which was really expensive. I made up my mind that this wasn’t true and that it was impossible that I hadn’t won the scholarship. I was determined that I would win it even thought the results were out.

One week later, I received another email from the University stating that one of the winners of the scholarship couldn’t accept the offer due to personal reasons and that as per the rules, the scholarship was to be transferred to the next deserving candidate, which according to the jury, was me! Yes, I received the scholarship! I couldn’t contain my happiness and thanked the Universe a million times.

As I am writing my story to you all today, I recall the day I first came on this website about 1 year ago and read inspiring stories and victories from practitioners all over the world and I was determined that one day my victory and magical story would also make its way to this website. It came true today!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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