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If I Can Achieve Success Then You Can Too!

Submitted by: HAWWA. A. H. HANJARA


Hi, my name is Hawwa. A. H. Hanjara from India. I am a Leading Business Entrepreneur in the Indian Share Market. I am a Motivational Trainer and empower people to use positive thoughts and to achieve success. Thank You, Hawwa


I wholeheartedly thank the honorable Rhonda Byrne and her team of The Secret. To make the readers understand this story in a detailed manner, I have divided it into two parts:

Part 1: Before I watched the movie, The Secret.

I was born and brought up in a poverty-stricken family. My Dad who was the only breadwinner had to take care of our family of six including my ill grandparents. Two meals in a day was a great reason for a celebration during my childhood. We are often insulted and discriminated against by relatives based on our poor status. During this time my Dad put his heart and soul into getting me educated. Seeing my Dad’s hardships, I concentrated on my studies and won the Best Outstanding Student Award twice in my college. My name was mentioned in both notice circulars in the college, one in the Award Winners List and the other in the list of students who had not paid their fees yet. I always complained to God about my hard situation. Eventually, I was thrown out of college for nonpayment of fees. I got a job for a meager amount and I worked day and night and saved money by walking home to avoid bus charges. I took the responsibility at a very young age for looking after my family. My mom got cancer and we suffered to pay those bills and our debts grew. I was full of fear about when financier knocking on the door.

Then my grandparents and my mom passed away, my dad left due to depression and I was all alone in a single room. Being alone was not easy and men would harass me. I met with a tragic accident and was left bedridden and paralyzed and all my friends and relatives left me fearing I might ask for help. But there was a blessing in disguise. One person took care of me and did all my basic care. That feeling of care generated happiness within me. My pulse was going down and the doctors said either I would die or if I lived, I would never walk on my own.

One night I was shivering like hell and I felt that death was nearing. So I conversed with God, “I have always complained about something but when I met with an accident, I realized that I had never thanked you for good health before. If you give me a second chance to live, I will be very grateful and will make you proud”. Miraculously my health recovered quickly! My health expenses had created a debt of 18 Lakhs. I went to all the financiers and promised to pay back the money I owed and the confidence in my voice made them believe me. Then in 2014, I watched the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

PART 2: My life after watching the movie, The Secret.

I literally cried after watching this movie. I thanked God for making me watch it. It made my mind to shift from thoughts of scarcity to thoughts of abundance. I felt so happy. I held all the principles explained in The Secret started applying them in my life. I started living my life with great happiness and a heart full of gratitude. As I became more empowered I start seeing myself in greater heights. The girl who was once thrown away from college, insulted and tried to be harassed had won 4 national awards and two international awards for Business and Social Leadership. I had paid off those 18 Lakh debts because of my success in my Share Market trading. These are some of the awards and achievements I have received:

1) Won “Best Empowered Women Award in 2017.

2) Winner of Zerodha 60 Day Challenge in Indian Share Market for being net profitable.

3) Won “Best Social Activist State Level Award” by Tamilnadu Union of Journalists for creating libraries for socially backward students, volunteering in flood relief operations, rescuing kids from child trafficking and donating hair for cancer kids.

4) Represented India in the International Peace Summit held in Malaysia where 106 countries from all over the world participated.

5) Published my book in Amazon Kindle, a historical romance novel called ‘Harsha”.

6) Won many awards in Business and Social Leadership.

This story is not to show how great I am but to create confidence in the hearts of the readers that if I can win then anybody can win.

Please Note: I bought all the books by Rhonda Byrne and promote and appreciate them in all my training workshops and seminars. I request readers to enhance yourself with the stories and practices explained in the books The Secret, Hero, The Magic, The Power, etc. Don’t forget to download “The Secret to Money” app, just try it and you will start feeling a sense of richness.

Wishing all of you a life full of abundant success, riches, and everlasting happiness. God bless you!!

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