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I Manifested My Dreams.

Submitted by: DonnaGP


I am a 54 year old mother of 2 and grandma of 3 for another few weeks. Very family oriented, I love people, animals, nature, having fun, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, riding my horses, travelling, teaching, swimming, walking, yoga and sharing the knowledge of Rhonda's books. Love to read and learn so I can share my knowledge. Currently writing a children's book related to my childhood experiences of LOA. I give love to all. Giving is my favorite thing to do.


Amidst my chaos, I was still able to have faith. I would like to begin by thanking Rhonda Byrne and all those instrumental in helping create and share the knowledge of her books, apps, audios, etc. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! I have shared the knowledge, purchased many of your products as gifts and recommend them to all.

For approximately 3 years, it felt like my world was falling apart. I watched my sister suffer in pain from cancer until she passed away. Nine months later my brother was killed in a snowmobile accident and my mother was in the hospital countless times and passed away the following year after my brother. During this time I was also going through a tough time in my marriage which led to divorce after being together for 39 years and, my best friend got transferred out of town.

Over the course of the 3 year period, my son had been inviting me to visit him in sunny Costa Rica. Although I wanted to travel, I denied myself because of my circumstances. A few months after my mother passed away my son had a baby boy that was born in Costa Rica and he invited me once again to visit. This time, I accepted and was looking forward to a change for the positive. I not only fell in love with Costa Rica because it suits my personality, but I found the man of my dreams and married him. And, he just happened to have the horse of my dreams that is now mine. I love singing, dancing etc., which you can do any day of the week here and the people are amazingly friendly.

I was inspired after reading Rhonda’s books to write myself an email with all the things that I loved and wanted to attract. One day as I was sitting looking out my living room window, I realized that I was in the exact place that I had written in my email a few years prior. I drew a picture of a house with all windows and wrote that I wanted to be able to see my horses from my window and that is exactly what I am doing.

I love people, especially kids, and also wrote in my email that I wanted to be able to make a difference to help them in some way incorporating music, horses and knowledge of the law of attraction. A few months ago, I was talking to my best friend from Canada. She asked me what I was doing in Costa Rica and when I told her I was teaching kids English, guitar and horse riding lessons she couldn’t believe it. She said “OMG, that is what you said you wanted to do.”

Although I knew I wanted to involve people, kids, music, horses and LOA, I didn’t know how or what I was going to do, but the Universe took care of that for me and lined it all up. I never thought I would be living in another country but the transition was made easier under the circumstances after my mother passed away, divorcing my husband, best friend moved away, etc. We sometimes may not recognize why things are happening at the time but it will soon come to light. I am so grateful for the beauty in my life. There are many days where I have tears of joy for how blessed my life is. Love all that you want to attract and let it go! Trust that it’s on the way to you right now. You don’t have to know how or when.

Thank you once again Rhonda Byrne, for all. Your books have inspired me above and beyond and I am forever grateful! Wishing you all an abundance of health, wealth, love, peace and happiness!

Donna GP

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