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I Got The Job

Submitted by: Boujulou

Los Angeles CA


Before I share this story, I just want to say I am so passionate about The Secret that this is my second story I’m sharing.

I have been working at my current job for almost two years. When I first got this job, I was so happy that I was moving on in the entertainment industry. But about two months into it, my boyfriend began noticing changes in my behavior. I was combative, unhappy, and at one point was even told I had forgotten how to smile. That was just two months in. I was the newbie, and really didn’t have “friends” at work. I felt lonely and isolated, but I tried to keep the end result in mind.

As time passed, I began to notice it more in myself. And I began to really dislike my boss. It was just a BAD mix for us to be working together. A year passed and I had begun thinking about moving on. But I figured it’s only been one year, maybe I should wait a little bit more.

One day… I couldn’t take it anymore, and I decided THIS IS IT. So I started to look, and look, and look. NOTHING. I would get a bite, do the interview, and not get hired. My self-esteem was crumbling and my confidence was shot. I didn’t understand. But I continued. And then we had the WGA strike. Good luck finding a job in that situation.

As soon as the strike ended, I had 3 interviews. This was right around the time I was getting back into The Secret. The first interview I went on… I was happy, excited, and tried visioning myself. I even wrote in my gratitude journal that I was grateful for the another interview. Nope, didn’t happen.

The second interview, I really didn’t care about. So, I went in positive and thought, whatever.

The third interview…. my boyfriend had been telling me about a couple of ladies that were looking. He told me how cool they were and nice they were, and that he knew I would get along with them. The only problem was that I didn’t/don’t have the knowledge of that particular area of the industry. He didn’t care, he gave them my resume along with 5 other people. They called me. I went in for the interview. I came out of their office KNOWING I kicked butt. I knew that that would be a great place to work. I was excited. I was happy. And… all I kept saying to myself was that the job was mine. I knew it was mine. I kept waiting for the phone to ring to get the offer.

I went home. I wrote in my gratitude journal. I wrote how thankful I was that we got along. How thankful I was that I had met them. How thankful I was that there were successful women out there to mentor me. I came up with 15 different reasons to be grateful. And was ecstatic.

The next day, yesterday, I sat at my desk and thought… what can I do to prepare to leave my job? I had already written a little something for the next person. I thought, I’m going to write my e-mail letting everyone know I’ve gotten a new job, and I wrote the name of the place. Then I got out my Success Rock, and kept it in front of me, rubbing it, thinking about the job. I sat in my chair beaming and dancing in my seat. I even at one point took my phone and put it in front of me, willing it to ring. And for some reason, chose to check my e-mail.

There it was…. an e-mail from them asking me to call at my convenience. I got the job! I have to say… I’m very excited. I’m very happy. I’m not surprised. Although if it would have been a different outcome I would have been surprised. But I got the job. I danced in the office.

I have started to tell everyone. I got the job. I got the job. All I kept saying in the car on the way home and to work today was, “I got the job”.

I can’t wait! Life is just full of good, expected surprises!

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