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I Got The Call!

Submitted by: Ruchi


A girl who believes in love and miracles.


Hey there, I trust that you are doing splendidly. A huge thank you to the entire The Secret team for unveiling the most important Secret of all, that is changing lives and transforming them all over the planet. I was introduced to The Secret in 2014 by a friend when I was in a very rough spot. I cannot be more thankful to her.

I have been using The Secret since then and have manifested a lot of things but haven’t mastered it yet. So, let me cut straight to my latest manifestation which was today.

I am preparing for higher studies and have to clear a competitive exam for getting admission in my dream college. Since my parents are not so financially sound, we cannot afford the high fees asked by coaching institutes for coaching me for the exam. My Dad and I went to one of the best coaching centers for this exam in September 2018 anyway, to enroll myself to start my classes.  The fees they asked were Rs.1,20,000. My Dad explained our situation and they agreed to teach me for Rs.30,000 with the condition that I would return their books after giving the exam. They requested Dad pay Rs.10,000 extra during the time of the course. They put all of this in writing on the admission form.

Today, my Dad and I went to the Institute to inquire about the batch timings when they suddenly started asking for an extra 10k and said that without it they would not teach me. We showed them the agreement but they still did not agree and said that without paying the extra 10k they would not teach me. My Dad tried to reason with them but they were adamant. My Dad asked them to speak with their seniors and let us know.

On our way back home, I decided to use The Secret as this was very important for me. A new way of using The Secret just popped into my mind. I closed my eyes and I imagined that my Dad gets a call from the coaching institute asking him to send me on Monday to attend the classes without having to pay any extra money. I took me barely a minute or two. I then see a beautiful pink color balloon emerging out from my heart that has a visual of my visualization playing in it. I then imagine taking it in my hands and kissing it. I then release it in the air and after it goes up, bursts and spreads and falls on me in the form of pink glitter. I then open my eyes and feel so happy. Then, I start talking to my dad and totally forgot about it.

Before reaching home, my Dad receives a call from the institute and the person spoke with my Dad in a very bad tone and said that we will have to pay the 10k. But, I did not let this affect my mood at all because I have to be in alignment with my desire to receive it.

After a couple of minutes, we get a flat tire. I still did not let it affect my mood. We got it checked and found that there was no puncture and the mechanic did not charge us for checking the tire. He simply put air in the tire and it is working fine now.

After reaching home, having lunch and watching some comedy shows, my Dad receives another call from the institute. The person on the other line asked him to send me on Monday to join the classes and that we do not need to pay any extra money.
I was jumping with joy! I have no idea what made them change their minds but the Universe did its magic!

What I learned today is:

1. Imagine and feel having your desire already manifested and only focus on the outcome and what you will do when you receive it.

2. Then surrender to God/the Universe and let them take care of your desire. I let go of the balloon which represented my desire coming straight from my heart.

3. Don’t think about it again so that you do not get any contradicting thoughts and let the Universe work its magic.

4. Stay happy and feel good in general so that you are ready to receive.

5. You get what you want.


Not thinking about what I want has always been tricky for me. But I will be practicing it more and more.

I hope I was able to help you. Loads of love and good wishes,

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