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I Defeated Depression!

Submitted by: Matthew


A reborn man in his 30s taking charge of his life.


My eternal thanks and gratitude to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team! My eternal thanks and gratitude to The Universe for being the way it is!

For the last 14 years, I had fallen into a downward spiral that seemed to have been triggered by me getting bad marks at College.
Unable to make any friends or gain employment, depression and some kind of anxiety became my companions. For a very brief time, my thoughts were even suicidal.

Of course, things could have gotten far worse, and I am thankful they didn’t. But it seemed I was forever and perpetually stuck.
I never gave up and constantly yearned for a shift in my circumstances. But every attempt I made at improving things only failed and only reinforced my beliefs that things were not getting better.

I don’t know what changed at the start of 2015, but I suddenly starting reading books, searching for knowledge and inspiration..
Shortly afterwards on TV, a professional wrestler called Ryback, was talking about The Secret. He too, had fallen into a downward spiral, but had read The Secret. It changed his life and he became a huge success. I almost didn’t order The Secret, but it stuck in my mind and my dreams until I finally did. I also had a hunch that somehow, my failures where being caused by my thinking.

When I finally started reading The Secret, I was completely awestruck and blown away. In particular, the story of Morris Goodman was especially inspiring. Suddenly, nothing seemed impossible. Improving my life would only be a matter of time. My moods rose to levels they had not been at in a long time. My fears and doubts mostly vanished.

But soon my depression returned with a vengeance. I started taking walks along the nearby beach and that seemed to work. I also starting reading the other books in The Secret series but the depression returned again, even stronger. I felt more defeated then ever until I remembered the story of Morris Goodman. I also read a curious paragraph in the book Hero, that mentioned the “firewall” of your subconscious mind rejecting any challenges to your existing beliefs. Which is exactly what seemed to be happening to me! Being aware of that fact did the trick and ever since then I have had no semblance of depression attacks for many weeks! I am 2000% confident that I have beaten this forever and if not I know what I need to do!

At the time of writing this story, I still have not seriously put many of The Secret practices into habit. But my mere belief and faith in The Secret has already turned my life around. I am now practicing to get my driver’s license. My future and ultimate goal is to bring world peace to earth. I wish to somehow play a part in that happening. If “Every possibility already exists”, then God willing, that possibility must exist as well!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

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