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I Can SEE!

Submitted by: Debbie C.

Sandston, VA

I am the mother of a daughter (21) and a son (19), and wife to the pastor of a small (SO FAR!) Independent Baptist Church.


I discovered The Secret on 2/11/07. For two and a half years, I have been unable to find my glasses. I’ve looked for them MANY, MANY times – searching in closets, drawers, old purses, coat pockets, etc., and they were nowhere to be found.

In church on 2/18, I had trouble reading my Bible. Right then and there, I wrote on a piece of scrap paper, “GLASSES!” – planning to write down a more elaborate request after I got home. Well, I never even got around to writing down more than that one word!

At lunch, I was explaining to my twin friends Jeannie and Joannie about the Law of Attraction, and telling them that one thing I was claiming is, “I found my glasses!” Jeannie, (thinking that I was saying I had ALREADY found them) excitedly said, “Where ‘d you find them?” I said, “I don’t KNOW yet, but I’m claiming that I’ve found them!”

That same night, I felt compelled to look in my closet, feeling like they were in there. I started at the top, and pulled everything off the shelves, looking in old purses, etc. When I didn’t find them, I checked in my nightstand and dresser, but I still felt like they were in that closet somewhere! I looked at the bottom of the closet where my shoe rack is, and said to myself, ‘Why would they be down there, unless they fell or something?’ Well, I moved a couple things, and found yet ANOTHER pocketbook way in the back corner. I looked inside, and (you know the rest!), I FOUND THEM!

Even though I had looked for them many times before, I had always affirmed that they ‘were lost.’ The very day that I started affirming that they were FOUND, they were! This stuff is powerful! Thanks, God, that I can SEE again! (My next request will be that I have perfect eyesight!)

2/23 – Amazing Update: today, I had (my son) Chip look for my digital camera in my computer case. I was SURE it was in there, but he couldn’t find it, so I told him to look thoroughly. After he was done, he said, “I found your glasses.” I told him that I had ALREADY found my glasses, and he said, “Well then I found your OTHER pair.” I said I didn’t HAVE another pair, and he said, “Well, maybe they’re (my daughter) Lawrie Beth’s then.” SO, (since she was here) he went in and said, “Are these your glasses?” (She lost her glasses a couple years ago too!) She said, “No, they’re MOM’S. Mine aren’t bi-focals.” Well, sure enough, the glasses Chip found WERE mine, and the ones I found on Sunday were really HERS!

SO, it’s even MORE incredible than I first thought. I THOUGHT I had found my glasses on Sunday. I didn’t even KNOW they were still lost; but because I kept saying (and telling everyone) “I found my glasses” they HAD to appear (even though I didn’t even know they were really still missing!)

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