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I Believed I Would Win And I Did!

Submitted by: Jayne

United Kingdom

I discovered The Secret several years ago and since then my life has changed dramatically and is continuing to change for the better. I have so many stories proving that the LOA works! I give everyone the book, the DVD and the Gratitude Journal as gifts, spreading the word!


I am in my mid-thirties now but when I was just about to turn 30 I had a very well paid job abroad, owned my own home, treated my family to holidays and I travelled the world at every opportunity. Life seemed limitless and I was content.

Upon meeting a very special friend whilst in Thailand, aged 29, I was introduced to a ‘life-reader’. I was sceptical at first as I had never had a reading before. The reader told me a few things, but one that stuck in my mind was he told me that I would win a very large sum of money and to maybe, play the lottery. I wrote down key dates and events on a little piece of paper that I still have to this day.

Soon after, I came across ‘The Secret’, first the book, then the DVD which I watched again and again as every bit of it resonated. I changed my thoughts and turned my laptop screensaver into a slideshow and an active vision board made up of pictures I found on the internet of everything I wanted to be projected into my life. I believed one day it would all happen.

Meanwhile, the Universe conspired. At age 32 I was injured at work abroad and sent home only to find my insurance company declined to medically care for my rehabilitation. Within 2 months my company was forced to end my contract and my pay, as I was unfit to return to work. My life spun upside down very quickly.

I ended up finding a lawyer and spent all my time and energy fighting my legal case. Eventually my money ran out as I could only do limited and much lower paid jobs becauses I was in a lot of pain. My family was kind enough to lend me money because I was struggling to eat, pay the bills and fill the car with fuel. I was forced to sell everything I had, online and at car-boot sales, that was not nailed down. I also sold my car, my motorbike, my furniture, gadgets and I turned off the heating to save money. I even had to put my house up for sale. I felt so helpless.

At the time of getting injured, I was in my final year of a full time, distance learning, bachelors degree. I found myself working all hours, balancing studying and preparing the legal documentation for my case, essentially doing paralegal work in a bid to reduce my lawyer’s bills.

Through this incredibly stressful time, I kept believing I was going to win lots of money. I assumed it would be by winning the lottery, except I could not afford a ticket! Yet I kept telling my family that I would be a millionaire one day!

Two years later, the case came to an end when the insurance company settled out of court. The life reader’s prediction from 5 years prior was right and I won a life changing amount of money. My house had been sold, so I got my equity back from that, too! I paid back my family, cleared my debts that had come from being out of regular work for so long and moved to a beautiful area to start again.

My story doesn’t stop there though, there are so many other things that flowed from this! I found a means of making a passive income and I am 9 months into my new journey. I believe even more so that I will be more than a millionaire. I have created new vision boards and the pictures I put on there are already coming true! I am now married to a man I would have never have been able to meet had I stayed working abroad. So talk about a silver lining in being sent home! He is absolute magic and I couldn’t have made him up if I tried, literally the most perfect husband I could dream of!

I believe the moral of this story is that you may think everything is against you when things seem to turn sour but keep your dream in mind. Believe that whatever you are going through, it is the Universe’s way of changing everything around you, like a domino effect, to give you what you want! I knew at the time the stress and pain was necessary to get me to where I am now and I have learned so much during this experience.

Whilst I was in that dark place, I got a lot of comfort from reading the other stories on here. I kept saying and believing that I would one day put my story on here too. And, here it is! Keep believing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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