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Submitted by: Rose Marie Pacheco

Pueblo, CO

I am a mother, grandmother, licensed cosmetologist, professional balloonist, and an inventor, and I love every thing I do and I'm good at every thing I do.


The reason I’m sharing the story about my invention is because I have read all of the stories on The Secret Website and I have not read one about an invention being manifested. I think you will find it interesting and inspiring, and for those of you who have had thoughts or ideas of inventing something, this might be the catalyst you need.

I have been using The Secret since I was 4 years old. I’m 61 now and I have manifested too many things to even list. I didn’t know how I was able to manifest all those things for all these years until July of 2008. After having read about 15 pages of The Secret I knew how I was able to manifest things throughout my life – the good and bad.

For some time I had been right in the middle of nothing going right – everything I did was wrong. I believe that is why I found The Secret. I now know why my life turned to muck. I had taken almost everything for granted and I wasn’t showing or acknowledging gratitude for very much. So please be grateful for everything, or it can be taken away from you.

Now comes the good part. Approximately 12 years ago I decided to quit a good paying government job (I didn’t want to be there anymore) and go to cosmetology school for the second time. The first time I went was right after I graduated from high school at age 18, but I didn’t finish. The second time going to cosmetology school (age 44) was when I found out what having a passion for something really felt like. I love cutting, styling, coloring hair, giving permanents, and doing nails, and I’m good at it. But because I think everyone should be given the opportunity to look good, the clients that I attracted were people that had little or no money. I do a lot of free haircuts (mobile service) and that is the reason that I (unconsciously) manifested an invention, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the kind of money that I wanted just doing hair. I realized after having read The Secret why I manifested my invention. So in addition to making people look good and feel good, I also have a product that I sell on the internet, so I’m able to do what I love as well as make lots of money.

In the book, Jack Canfield describes life as a car driving through the night being able to see only two hundred feet at a time, is how I manifested doing hair, being a balloonist, and my invention (because it’s what I really wanted).

I love the smell of laundry when it is dried outside, hence the Tibbe-Line. The Tibbe-Line is a device designed to make doing laundry (air dry) faster, easier, and more efficient, as well as saving time, space, money, energy, and helping to protect our environment. It is multi-functional in that it can be used on an existing clothesline and can be made into a portable clothesline (hangers are used instead of clothespins), and you can hang 21 articles of clothing in the space of 39″. The Tibbe-Lines can also be used to transport clothing in a vehicle, as a space saver in a closet, and for people in wheelchairs, giving them access to their clothes in the closet. I sell to people all over the world.

Is this invention a gift from God? Absolutely! Did I know what I was doing or how I was going to do it? Absolutely not! I attracted the way, step by step.

Life unfolds for everyone one step at a time, and I believe that’s why I was given this invention, because I have a true desire to make people look good, because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you radiate positive energy, raising yourself higher and higher, manifesting the things you want and deserve.

My most humble “Thank You”, to God and everyone involved in bringing this book and movie to the world, and to the people in it.

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