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How The Secret Really Works.

Submitted by: Sannah


I believe in both hard work and faith. You can't have one without the other.


I’ve read and heard so much about visualization and frankly, even when I visualize, it’s a moment of belief intermingled with minutes of doubt.

Anyway, I had got an interview call from an amazing university. Before giving the interview, I made a note of the salary I’d be expecting. The interview went well but the Director of the University wasn’t budging on the salary issue. In addition to that, he didn’t seem happy with my job hopping. He also made clear that he had serious questions about the career choices I’d made.

On that day, I visualized that I’m getting the offer letter. And the next day, and the next. And visualizing every day seemed like such a chore. I know there are people out there who can do it with complete ease but it wasn’t the case with me.

When I read these Stories for some solace, I understood what I was doing wrong.

I was visualizing in sheer desperation. And the universe wasn’t giving a damn about my efforts to visualize. My emotional frequency was desperation, and I got more of it.

So I just let it go.

Asking something from the universe IS like placing an order. There is no point in fretting, crying and cribbing. Just make your demands clear and concise and trust that the Universe will deliver it.

Today, when I least expected it, I had the offer letter in my mail. And I’m being offered the same salary I’d envisioned. Makes me wish I’d asked for more. :-}

I know some people cast off The Secret as mumbo jumbo, but I’ve finally understood that we have unlimited potential. We just end up drawing limits around ourselves, I’m not pretty enough to have an amazing life partner, I’m not intelligent enough to be making millions of dollars, I’m not articulate enough to give that speech.

You ARE enough.

Ask. Believe. Let go. And you WILL receive. Promise.

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