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How My Writing Dream Came True.

Submitted by: Patrick D

Chattanooga, TN

A writer, author, poet, magician, disc jockey and business owner. I am 53 as of the writing of this submission. I am a US Navy disabled veteran having done service for my country proudly for over 11 years.


So here it goes.

10 years plus ago I developed a screenplay for a new sci-fi TV series hoping that one day it would be made.

Let me preface this with this: In 1996 I wrote a letter to Jeri Taylor (ST Voyager) congratulating her on the successful launch of an ST show piloted by a woman producer/director and with a woman captain. I not only got a response, I got invited to Paramount Studios to pitch story ideas in person to her.

Zooming forward, I continued to pitch episodes for all the ST series both in-person and over the phone. Great experiences to say the least.

As I kept refining the story, my life would change. I would find myself in a deep hole and crawling out was difficult. I lost my first wife to diabetes complications in the fall of 1996. Went into depression. Kept writing, got remarried which was a bit of a mistake and got divorced in 2005. I kept writing. I wrote poems and started my first novel in 2004 writing 600 pages by hand, then over the years transferring to the computer.

I kept writing, kept pitching, kept dreaming. Then in 2005 I met a woman that told me about The Secret and handed me the book. Said it was meant to be given away and passed on.

I read it. Watched the video and kept writing. Networking and meeting new people.

All of a sudden, in 2012, I was able to publish my first novel on Amazon and Kindle. Amazing! Dream number one came true.

Then on Dec 3rd 2013, at 11:06 AM, 26 years to the day and minute my father passed away, I get a call from a mutual friend of my brothers. This man, who had the pitch for my TV show, told me that a production executive with a production company on the Paramount Studios lot, wanted to do my show!


Then in late Jan 2014, I flew out to LA and got introduced. We did a table read with actors and I was amazed.

Then on March 2nd, I was admitted to the hospital with a massive infection to my left leg and nearly died. After 4 weeks of recovery, I lost 50 lbs, my type II diabetes is under control and I am finally realizing my dream.

Late April 2014 we shot the trailer for my series. Two days on set with actors, 50 people on crew and a space ship set already built.

Holy Schmoly!

To finally see and hear your words and real actors playing the parts that you have seen in your head for over a decade is incredible. We are headed to the SyFy Channel and major actors are begging to come on board. We are gaining people interested in investing and I am shocked with how this is all happening. People are attracted to me. They are flocking to what I have created.

This is not ST but something more. It’s bigger and the momentum is gaining with each passing day.

This is truly what it means: Anything your mind can conceive and believe you can and will achieve. Period.

So it is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude in life.

Believe me. In 2003 when I conceived this whole new SciFi canon, I was not ready.

You may not get what you want immediately, but believe me, keep envisioning your dream, believing it and living it like it was already yours and soon, before you know it, the success of realizing that dream will appear before your eyes.

God bless you all and may The Secret be the driving force that makes your dream a reality.

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