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How I Used The Secret.

Submitted by: Hon. Augusta Chika Ude

My name is Augusta Chika Ude. I am a Christian and I believe in God. I am a legislator and a newly elected member in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly Nigeria. I also hold L.L.B.


Despite the fact that I am a Christian and I believe in God, it does not mean that The Secret does not work. I used it and it worked even without me knowing it at first. I actually did not want to share this at first but decided to do so because I know it will touch lives.

Being a citizen of Nigeria, I used to be ashamed of the negative image given to Nigeria and Nigerians to the extent that whenever I would go online and then to chat, the question of my location would come up. That was when I was so ashamed to say my country. I made a lot of money in my business and became rich but the shame of being a Nigerian was still there. However, a lot of things changed for me with The Secret.

I heard about The Secret when I watched it on the Oprah Winfrey show many years ago and forgot about it. Then in 2013, I had to buy the book of The Secret. That was when I realized I had used it without being aware of it. A few years ago, I imagined myself being a legislator in  order to help my people. I would always go to the State House of Assembly watching people and picturing myself doing that without knowing how it would be possible. Also, when I learnt gratitude from The Secret, I became grateful to God for making me a Nigerian, believing that there was a reason for that. I started being grateful for the abundant natural resources we have here and all the wonderful opportunities. I started imagining how to help the youths to utilize those opportunities without traveling out of the country or defrauding people. I never saw it coming but I was called by my community to come and represent them in the State House of Assembly. It was two years after doing something for the widows in my community, by buying food items for them. Now I have seen myself in a position to help and empower my community as a legislator.

I am still using the principles of The Secret and it really does work. I am no longer ashamed of where I am from, rather I am helping others to see the opportunities they actually have. I am grateful for being a Nigerian and to be able to impact the desirable and positive change we need in my community.

I desired to be rich using The Secret and it worked. I also desired to be a legislator to impact positive change and teach my people to utilize the opportunities around them, and that happened. It is all about the mind. I have everything I ever dreamt of and more. All of this was after going through emotional traumas of which could constitute a book. The most important thing is what you can create with your mind.

I am really overwhelmed. I believe in The Secret, I have faith in God. Thank you.

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