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My Holiday To The City Of Angels.

Submitted by: Gabby


I'm a girl who turned 'Impossible' to 'I'm possible' and 'No' into 'Yes.'


You know from the ages 18 to 25 my dreams and desires changed. As I grew I planted new seeds of desires and grew outgrew my old ones but there was one thing that never changed, I always wanted to visit Los Angeles. Each year I would readjust my vision board to my new goals and yet that scruffy old picture I printed of LA still remained.

I now know why it took 7 years to manifest. For a few reasons, from being afraid to travel alone to thinking I needed massive amounts of money to enjoy myself and honestly, I believed that my Italian family wouldn’t allow me to go. But I changed my script. I was wise and safe enough to travel alone. I always find enough money to do the things I want to do and most importantly, I am 25. I am a woman and I did not need permission.

My attitude to visiting LA completely changed. I no longer saw it as dream, rather I knew it was possible and a very attainable goal that millions of people have achieved. I believe in God, so I ‘Let go and let God’ work his divine magic to bring my holiday in the most perfect way, and he did. I got literally the most amazing opportunities.

First of all, I got to fly First Class for the first time. It was a wondrous experience and the place I stayed at was so luxurious! I had great communications with all of the staff and the flight was calming, happy and exciting. And the amount of legroom I had was incredible. Although I was sitting on my own as there was so much room, right near me was a celebrity who I highly admire! We started chatting and I actually had one of the most inspiring, uplifting chats I have ever had. It was one of those conversations where a stranger gives you some golden pieces of advice that you know is going to be a life changer. I also had the song ‘City of Angels’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars on repeat. I wanted to jump up and down.

On my first night out there I stopped, closed my eyes, took in a deep breath, exhaled and just listened to all the noises in the background. I heard so many strangers voices and they all sounded extremely happy. I heard bursts of laughter. It was truly a beautiful moment. It was in that very moment when I knew that it really was the City of Angels and I was one of those Angels.

The moment I stepped foot into Los Angeles, I knew it was going to offer me something spectacular. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be, all I knew was that it was going to be special and kind of life changing. I had met some of the most intriguing, fun, creative people there who I now call my friends. We stay in touch every day and opportunities and events arose to literally make other desires of mine happen within Los Angeles. I didn’t want to leave because I know I belong there. I know that Los Angeles is meant to be called my home and I am going to go visit again very soon. I promise myself that Los Angeles is going to be my home within this year and I cannot wait to never look back.

I think the best part of this holiday wasn’t the things I saw and bought but rather the fact that I found myself. I felt completely free and I experienced every happy, freeing, peaceful emotion you could feel, all wrapped up in 10 days. I truly, found myself and I think that’s what I was seeking for in the first place. I think The Secret to The Secret is to seek for things that get you closer to the person you truly are meant to be and if a change of scenery can do it, then it will manifest.

My advice, go find yourself and then from there everything will flow.

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