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  • Submitted by: Akshata
  • Date Posted: Oct 8, 2014
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Sydney, Australia

Big dreamer with lots of faith in The Secret.

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Real People. Real Stories.


I am a married girl living here Sydney, Australia.

Finally here I am with my first story.

I regularly visit the library in my suburb. From many days I was looking for the Hero book but was not able to find. Even though I ordered I couldn’t go to collect it.

One day on my way to the library I thought of applying Law Of Attraction for the book. I literally imagined holding the book in my hand and feeling the joy of getting what I wanted. I don’t know what made me so happy while I was walking and smiling at myself.

I reached the library and just looking at the books. There are thousands of books in the library and for each category of books there are different sections.

By that time, I was looking at other books and I completely forgot about what I was actually looking for.

And to my surprise there was the book placed in the corner of the shelf behind the big book I just took the out. I couldn’t believe that book was HERO.

I was so surprised and for a moment I was speechless.

That time I really experienced the LOA and believed that it really works if you just keep faith and BELIEVE.

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