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Healthy Baby Girl

Submitted by: Jamilyn W.

Salt Lake, Utah

Mother of Three beautiful children, one boy and two girls, and wife to a wonderful husband who I can't thank enough for his continued gentle reminders that we are also beneficiaries of the Law of Attraction, and whatever comes to us, we have asked for.


This is a special story for me because of the strength that it took for me to do what I felt was right, despite all statistics, beliefs, and caring advice from trusted people all around.

I am a woman with a negative blood type. For most people, this doesn’t mean much. For medical professionals, and other mothers with a negative blood type, this is a red flag. Medically, a woman with a negative blood type has the possibility of carrying an immunity to positive blood found anywhere in the body. This immunity is created when the negative blood comes in contact with positive blood. Even one cell of a positive blood type can initiate this reaction in a negative blood system.

If the baby is also a negative blood type, there is nothing to worry about, but if the baby is a positive blood type, and the mother already has the immunity, her body will likely reject the baby through most of the pregnancy, if the baby stays long enough for her to even know that she is pregnant! To prevent this problem from occurring, the Doctors will give the mother a special shot called the Rogahm shot, both during and immediately after pregnancy. I refused the shot during the pregnancy of my first baby, but went in right after my son was born at home to get the shot so that I could still have my second baby that I wanted.

I got pregnant again a little over a year later, again refused the shot during pregnancy, and gave birth to a beautiful girl, again at home, almost two years after my son was born. This time I decided that I didn’t want to get the Rogahm shot, not even after she was born.

Labor and Delivery is the most likely time for a mother to be exposed to the positive blood if her baby is a positive blood type. After having done some research, I had come to the belief that under ideal circumstances the blood would not have a chance to mix, even during the birthing process. I also came to the conclusion that the recommended shot was not what I believed to be a good thing for me to have for my ideal health and happiness, as well as that of my new baby. My medical advisers were not happy, my family was extremely worried, especially since I had delivered at home. Anybody and everybody that found out about it became concerned about my ability to get pregnant again, and to have a healthy pregnancy. The only person to support me fully was my husband.

I continued with my chosen course of action and was determined that I would be okay, my baby would be okay, and if I had another baby, that baby would also be blessedly healthy.

My husband and I were not exactly planning to get pregnant again, and certainly not for a few years after the birth of our second child. We felt that there was another baby to come still, but we wanted a few preparations to be in place first. This was not to be the case.

I was invited to a bachelorette party by one of his co-workers last May, and this particular party was centered around romance enhancement products. It was a fun party, and I went home enthusiastic and renewed with reminders of why my husband and I loved each other so much. That month I got pregnant.

I had been nursing our second child for a year at that point and had no indication that something was different about my body. Two months later, still unaware that I was pregnant, I went out with some friends, drank alcohol, went home, everything was fine.

Two months later I realized that something is different, and that I have seen signs of being pregnant. I took a test at the hospital, and sure enough, I was. I had no idea how far along I might be. I had drunk alcohol during the first trimester, which almost always causes developmental problems, and if the last delivery had been less than ideal, and this baby was positive, there might be issues with my body rejecting the new baby, and a series of problems that would last the rest of my pregnancy. I had a lot of “reasonable cause” to worry.

I took a moment, every time I started feeling anxious about my baby, to calm myself and think positive. I reminded myself that everything had gone ideally with my second child, and this pregnancy and delivery would also go ideally. We went to the ultrasound to find out a due date, and to discover the current health of the baby. Everything looked as ideal and optimal as it could at the time, and I was officially four and a half months a long. The specialist reminded us that the blood immunity dos not always cause problems at the beginning, sometimes there are no signs until later. I refused to accept that was a possibility for us, and firmly reminded myself that everything was fine. Me and my baby would be perfectly healthy and fine for the entire endeavor.

This was about the time that we first watched The Secret. I realized that I was still a little worried about the health of our unexpected little one, and my husband helped me to calm down and be positive.

Over the next four and a half months I continued to think as many positive thoughts about the pregnancy as I could. I accepted that if I saw signs of trouble, I would go to the hospital for delivery, but I still wanted to have my baby at home. This concerned my family a great deal, because if there were problems, and we didn’t see them until after the baby was born, or during delivery, we might not get help in time to save the baby’s life. I continued to think positive, and look for signs that everything was healthy and good, and not the signs that they weren’t.

On March first I went into labor, all signs that I saw showed everything to be good. I had the calmest and most peaceful labor of each of my three children, and gave birth to a perfectly healthy and normal baby girl in the comfort of my own home where I wanted to be. There weren’t any complications during labor, and even many of the expected pains were not to be seen or dealt with. My husband caught our daughter, and she has displayed great intelligence and capacity to accept this new world that she has come into. Her brother and sister have both lovingly welcomed her into their lives, and I could not be happier with how things have turned out!

My third child, second daughter, has truly been a positive medical anomaly, an astonishment, and a joy. I thank my husband for being so supportive and positive in regards to everything, and I thank all those that have been hopeful and helpful with us. And I thank all of those that helped bring The Secret to our lives.

Thank you!

Jamilyn and Family

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