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Healed Of Allergies!

Submitted by: Triumph


I am 35 years old, a mother of two, I lost my husband to cancer 5 years ago. I am a high school teacher by profession, but I have currently left teaching and I am trying to work on my own business.


Ever since I was a little girl, I had suffered from terrible allergies. The kind where you are always sneezing, have red eyes year round and the back of your throat is always terribly itchy. I was the kind of person that would always move around with a pack of tissues, and had to have a box of tissues beside my bed every night because I was always blowing my nose, sneezing, coughing and even sometimes struggling to breath. Only someone who has suffered from severe hay fever and allergies would know the trauma that this can cause. I honestly didn’t think it would ever end, I mean the doctors had told me that I would need to take allergy meds all my life, and those meds didn’t really give me that much relief.

In 2012, I read The Magic, and by the time I had finished reading the book and doing all The Magic practices, I was totally healed! One day I just woke up, and the first thing I did in the morning was, not sneeze! I could just breathe! On that day the air and the entire day was just beautiful! I kept waiting for it to come back, the heavy chest, the loud sneezing, the runny nose. But deep inside I knew I was healed even though I kept waiting for the allergies to be back, because that’s all I had ever known for practically all my life.

We are in 2019, seven years later, and the allergies never did come back. I have been totally free of that condition. And all I ever did was to read and to practice The Magic. So many people who knew me have asked me how I got better. And my only answer has been that I read and used The Magic. For some of the people who knew me well and had seen how much I had been suffering over the years, it has been hard for them to believe that just reading a book could heal me. To this day, my best friend still believes that I am crazy for believing that reading a book could have healed me, but it’s the truth, reading The Magic totally freed me from a condition that had tormented me for years.

With all my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you because I am now free from allergies, because I can enjoy life more every day.

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