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  • Submitted by: Grace
  • Date Posted: Jan 9, 2017
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He Came Back To Me!!



A grateful woman who believes in the Law Of Atrraction and that life is supposed to be good for all.

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He Came Back To Me!!

A big thank you to Rhonda and her team for sharing The Secret to the world. Now it is my turn to endorse that The Secret absolutely works!

I fell in love with a very handsome, charming guy who appeared in my boring, predictable life out of nowhere. The attraction was instant and it was a roller coaster ride with him, my insecurities in our relationship got the better of us and finally he left the country.

I was devastated because he disappeared, not a word from him for one year! However I never gave up hope! My heart refused to accept it was over. The ever benevolent Universe kept showing me signs of things that told me that he will be back, like our favorite song playing on the radio. My insecurities kept me in a seesaw of hope and despair about his return.

Finally, I decided to surrender to the Universe and let him go. I paid more attention to my work and being happy in general. I became grateful whenever I saw a sign to remind me of him and I let it go without expecting instant manifestation.

Then he came back!! In the most sweetest way I had ever imagined, by playing “our” song in a common public forum. I knew it was him! It was the most “OMG it’s him” moment of my life! He came back!! He said he missed me dearly and never forgot a moment that we had spent together. I am so ecstatic! I left it to the miracles of the Universe to bring us back together and now I am happy enjoying the thrill of having him back!

This is to all those who are waiting for the return of their love! Let go so the Universe can bring him to you. Have faith and patience. It works, it truly does! I am proof!!


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