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He Came Back!

Submitted by: Victoria


I am someone that loves The Secret series. It has changed my life for the better and it gave me a more positive outlook on life.


Today I want to share with you how I attracted the love of my life back to me and how our relationship miraculously changed. We have fallen apart a while ago. He was acting very distant and he was the one who wanted to take a break from the relationship. At first I was heartbroken and I thought that my life was completely over.

I knew about The Secret and I figured out that I was the one who attracted the breakup in the first place, due to my fears and negative beliefs. So I decided to ask the Universe to bring him back. I knew deep in my heart that he was my true love. I always had a very strong gut feeling that this was not over. I decided to follow my intuition and to put my trust in the Universe, knowing that it would deliver whatever my heart desires. I first had to get rid of all my doubts. I knew that I had to trust in the Universe, no matter what my current circumstances looked like.

First, I hoped. Then, I believed. Lastly, I knew that he was coming back. The moment that I started to know without a doubt that he was mine and when I finally decided to let go and trust that my desire was on its way, it came very fast. But it only came when I dropped all my resistance and truly let go of trying to control the outcome so much.

I lived most of my days in full happiness. I had to stop relying on him for my well-being. I took my power back. I regained my strength and joy. I made peace with the idea that even if he was not coming back, I would be OK, no matter what. And that is the key, especially if you are trying to get a specific person back. You need to be happy without that person. You need to radiate that happiness into the Universe. And when you do that, that person will show up again. That is exactly what I did, and trust me, it works!!!!

I also lived in the end result, I lived in the wish fulfilled, as if my love already came back to me. It wasn’t always easy but I did not give up. Living in the end caused me to practice gratitude. I was giving thanks to the Universe every day that we were back together. Being thankful and knowing that my desire is on its way is what made it happen.

He eventually reached out to me, when I least expected it. Now we are back together and our relationship is better than ever. He is the love of my life, and I give thanks every single day that it worked.

The Secret really works!!! Have faith in The Universe. You just have to believe that nothing is impossible, no matter what happens. When you get yourself in that place of believing, nothing can stop your desire from coming. It is law.
You could have, be or do anything you want!

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