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  • Date Posted: Jun 10, 2017
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Have Courage And Be Kind.



I am a teenager who considers herself special and unique and different. I am very proud of who I am and I am grateful, too.

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Have Courage And Be Kind.

First I want to direct my gratitude to Rhonda. Thank you so, so, so much for what you’ve done. Your efforts and teachings are the reasons I and millions of others are laughing and smiling. Thank you to The Secret team for helping this all to happen. I am a teenager. This is my story:

When I was fourteen I fell in love with one of my family’s friend’s son. He was in another school. We met once in four months. I started reading The Secret after my mom bought it. It was New Year’s eve and we were alone and he said,”Just so you know, I love you”. How did that happen?! I was practicing gratitude every single day. I got into his school and we became a couple. BTW, that school is my dream school!.

We eventually broke up as he cheated on me and I knew I deserved better. I listed the things I loved in my ex and things I would love in my future boyfriend. Here’s the fun part. I asked the Universe for signs:
A tall guy with the iinitial “s” and in my class. And then I relaxed, totally. I used to picture him with me every single moment and I would feel happy about it. In that process I forgot the heartbreak my ex gave me.

It was summer and me and my friends went out to a winter snow park. I love snow and I met my former guy best friend. He was in another school now. He gave me a warm hug. Then I noticed there was another guy with him and he was from the same school I went to. We started talking shortly after that.

One day he casually said “Just so you know, I love you” and I knew he was the one! It has been four months of me and him together and I have never been happier than now. Thank you so much!

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