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Happy Feet & Paid In Full

Submitted by: Tammy Warrington

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

My life has been an amazing journey that just gets more amazing every day!! I'm a Full-time mom with two amazing boys, who is grateful to have a full-time job, and a wonderful relationship with spectacular man who adds joy to my life. I am surrounded by people who dazzle me!! I am truly blessed!! I have found my bliss!!


I’m sure this will be the first of many stories that I could tell about how The Secret has affected my life. There are actually two stories that I want to share with you on this particular occasion.

Happy Feet – Before I begin my story, I have to give you a few facts:

I work in a call center which accepts inbound calls only. No one ever calls to say that their product is working perfectly. Sometimes the job can at times get stressful.

I recently met and fell in love with the most wonderful man. Since we met, we’ve been talking about taking lessons for ball-room dancing, just for fun, although we never really looked into it.

Now to get to the heart of the story: After receiving The Secret from a friend and watching it several times, the phrase from the movie, “Find your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where once there were walls” stuck in my mind. So I downloaded a whole bunch of music onto my IPod – music that made me feel very happy, and made me want to dance!– Every break, I would go outside to the underground parking and listen to my IPod, and dance my heart out for 15 or 30 minutes or however long my break was. I didn’t care what I looked like or that people looked at me weird. — I was finding my bliss!! Well, there were guys working on the underground parking, one morning, while I was out there dancing like a maniac. An amazng thing happened…three of them started dancing with me — from about 50 feet away…even though they couldn’t even hear the music — it was in my headphones!! One of them (an older Italian man with a heavy accent) came up to me, and said, “I lova you!! You lika to danca?!? – Do theesa step” then he demonstrated – I did what he did. “Very gooda” he said, “Now do theesa,” and he did more. I did more. “You justa deeda da Cha-Cha” he said. “I hava a dance studio, and I woulda like to teacha you to danca.” He said. I was floored!! This construction worker, a dance instructor? What are the chances? – We’re starting dance lessons in January!! This is The Secret at work!! My boyfriend was a Doubting Thomas when I first told him about this movie….but so many things have happened…he now has a copy of the movie, and we practice The Secret together on a daily basis!! — My feet are still happy and I still find my bliss in that underground parking every break I get!!

Paid In Full – For several months, I have been receiving a bill for $120.00 from a Dr.’s office for an assessment that I had to go to for insurance purposes, although insurance would not pay for it. Being a single mother, I was having difficulty finding the funds to pay for it. Last week, I did like the movie said, and I took ALL my bills, including that one, and wrote, “PAID IN FULL” on them. As I was writing this, I felt a great gratitude that they were all paid, and a huge relief that all that was off my plate. I just let myself sit and feel that for a while. Then I filed all the bills in my filing cabinet, and forgot all about them. Just yesterday, I got a letter from my lawyer (dealing with the car accident I was in). Her e-mail said that she had received a copy of the bill from that Dr.’s office and asked what arrangements I could make to pay it. I didn’t receive that e-mail until the next day, when she had e-mailed me again to inform me that she had faxed the bill to the insurer, and they immediately agreed to pay the bill in full!! They had previously refused to pay it!! Just days after I had written “PAID IN FULL” on my bill, it was, and I didn’t pay a cent!!

If you ask, it will be provided for you!! Thoughts become things!!

I cannot thank the producers enough for this movie!! It has changed my life in unspeakable ways!! I have shared it with my co-workers, my family, my friends, my children, my children’s teachers, counselors, and anyone who will listen!! It’s no longer a secret!!

Tammy Warrington

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