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Submitted by: Nokwazi kaMaDube

Durban, South Africa

God's child who is divinely guided. Mother of 2 teenagers and wife to a wonderful man. 35 years young, a beautiful lady.


Thank you God. Thank you Rhonda and The Secret team. Thank you to everyone who wrote stories here.
I am truly grateful to have come across The Secret in a time in my life when I really needed it.

Five years ago I had lived my life on autopilot, I was not grateful, I thought I had the perfect life. I worked for one of the best companies in SA. I was the envy of most, drove the latest BMW, lived in a big house, kids were in private schools and my lovely husband had a good job. All in all we were an ‘It’ couple.

Little did I know that I could lose it all over night. I had an accident and my spinal cord was crushed. I had an operation that put me in a comma for 3 days. When I regained consciousness, the doctor said I might not be able to walk. And, I believed him and ended up in a wheelchair. It took me time to attend physiotherapy and I complained every time while I was doing it. Slowly I learned to walk again, but could not drive for a year.

I went back home after months of being in hospital, depressed and angry. To make things worse, I lost my job due to incapacity because I couldn’t do my full duties at work, as I was working as an Artisan. I started drinking and taking my medication at the same time, I just wanted to forget about everything. I gained weight which I knew I wasn’t suppose to, because that puts strain on my spine. I was a mess, my family was falling apart, my mother got sick because she was worried about me. I used all my savings to pay off my car installments for 4 years and my credit card. But it wasn’t enough. November 2014 while browsing the internet looking for stories about people who won lottery jackpots, I came across The Secret!

My life changed on that day, I cried and told myself that I have to change. I started walking to lose weight, ate the right food, stopped drinking and most of all, stopped blaming the accident for all that was happening to me. I realized that all that happened, I attracted to my life. I was not grateful about my job, my health, my money, everything that I had. I wasn’t grateful for any of it. I immediately bought The Magic book and started The Magic Practices in February 2015. By that time I had no money and my husband was the only one working. It was hard on him because we were still living the same lifestyle, kids in private school, 2 cars and a big house. I made a choice to sell my car at a loss just to clear my debt.

My mother’s health got worse and she eventually passed away, she had heart failure at only 55 years young. I was broken, everyone was worried about me because they all knew how close I was with my precious mother. Before she left this world I used to tell her that I am going to be a millionaire. I had my vision board, my desires that I read and visualized almost every day. But her passing hit me hard. I became negative again, stopped doing The Magic Practices and locked myself in my house switching off my phone for 3 months. I mourned her every day during those months and cried till my eyes went dry without tears.

One night a had a dream I was driving my beautiful Red Range Rover Sport. When I woke, I asked myself what am I doing to myself. Why am I wasting my precious life. I had been positive since attracting The Secret to my life and now I am throwing it all away! I went down on my knees and prayed to God for guidance and thanked him for the wonderful 35 years I had with my mother. I grabbed my book, re-started my 28 day practice’s, watched my favorite Christian programs and I became happy again. I thanked God for my R 27,000,000 every day as it was my first desire on my top 10 list.

Today I am so happy, grateful and blessed!! I have my perfect health, perfect weight, I can run, drive and do all the things that the Doctor said I would not be able to do. I have my lovely family that supports me. I have my R 27,000,000. I have my Red Range Rover Sport, I live in the beautiful house with a sea view, I and my family have more than we need. All my top 10 desires I have received.

With all my heart, thank you Rhonda and your whole team for the wonderful job of bringing The Secret to millions.

My advice to my fellow Secret followers is to have strong faith and be happy most of the time. What also helped me was to read Bob Proctor’s book and listening to MusiVation songs.

Magic Dust to everyone. Love you all good people.

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