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Grateful And Happy.

Submitted by: Karen

I am a divorced female, engaged, a grandmother, great grandmother, MBA student, traveler, minister and volunteer to homeless persons. I love traveling, shopping, visiting relatives, going on cruises, and really enjoy writing! I have written a book of inspirations for women. I love reading and really enjoy The Secret and Hero books, and plan on purchasing The Power and other books by Rhonda Byrne.


My life is constantly getting better and better. Divorced in 2008, married again in 2009 and divorced again in 2012 left me concentrating on myself and what makes me happy. In 2013 a former coworker gave me The Secret to read, which I started but returned before finishing it. I had heard of The Secret and watched it on Oprah. In 2014, I bought it again and read it off and on. In 2013, I met a wonderful man who was kind, attentive and adores my family. I accepted his marriage proposal in Jan. 2015, and we both study the principles in The Secret. I now daily listen to the Bible, watch The Secret to You, Planet Earth, The Secret to Riches and videos by the others featured in The Secret. I thank God and the Universe for what I have, and what I would like to have.

In Feb. 2015, my townhome furnace broke, I had no heat. I began to be thankful for heat and a new furnace. In March, 2015 I received a free, brand new furnace worth about $6,000. In April, I began to daily write down what I am grateful for every morning on my Gratitude poster. Not long after, my hot water heater broke and leaked. I thanked the Universe for it being replaced, the heater and installation cost only $511, installed by my God son for only $200. He told me that I do not have to pay it all at one time. Plus, I am in the process of getting reimbursed for this. I filed an insurance claim, and asked the Universe to make a way so that I would not have to pay the $500 deductible as I did not have the money at the time. Again, the Universe answered my heart’s desire. I did not have to pay it and I even received a small refund due to the loss of several items from the water leak. The Universe gave me a bonus!! I had been wanting new paint and carpet for my home but did not have the money to do these updates, even after living in my home for 3 years. The insurance company sent a company to dry the carpet and in doing so, they had to cut a small hole in the utility room wall. As a result, I have just had most of the first floor painted, free and am getting new carpet installed this week, also free!!

As a student, I have been working on my Masters Degree and asked the Universe to help me with my studies. I am doing well, aiming for high grades and the course work seems remarkably easy to me. I am currently unemployed and actively looking for work. A recruiter found my resume and told me that my previous job title was incorrect and according to my work and experience, I qualify for a Financial Analyst position, instead of the clerical position. As a result, I am now interviewing and applying for Financial Analyst positions. I have asked and thanked the Universe for my new career and it is already done. I’m just waiting for the manifestation. Also, my fiance’ and I are in the process of looking for a new detached home and plan on marrying soon.

I tell everyone about The Secret and I am excited about telling friends about The Secret book and video. At the age of 60 plus years old, I feel like I am just beginning to live my life. I have so much life, dreams, goals and most of all, love for myself and others!! I am in the process of editing my book and will have it published soon. I have asked the Universe to make it a best selling book and expect it to be so!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Bryne for writing this book and for helping to change my life! May God continue to bless you as you blessed me and others!!

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