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  • Date Posted: Apr 9, 2018
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I Got Out Of Misery Using The Secret!



I am 23, from Pakistan. I am a student and want to share my story with people to inspire them.

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I Got Out Of Misery Using The Secret!

I am writing this story just to tell the world that this really works. I am 23 and student. I was engaged to a boy when I was 16 but when I was 20 my life suddenly became miserable. Our financial condition was getting worse and my fiance changed his behavior suddenly. I read The Secret at that time but didn’t take it seriously or didn’t really believe it. The Secret was on my shelf for these past 3 years as my life was getting more miserable.

Then 7 months ago my fiance broke up with me without giving me any specific reason. I was totally broke. I didn’t know what to do where to go and of course, my financial condition was still bad. Then something clicked in my mind and I reread The Secret, this time I was ready for it. I read in it about making a list of what you want. I made that list and started practicing gratitude.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a man came into my life. He is everything that I want and he takes care of me. He loves me truly and I love him. I am happy now again. He is everything that I ever wanted. I was shocked when this happened and when I realized that this happened because of the law of attraction, my trust in this power became so much stronger. Of course, now I am going to use it to improve my financial condition and I am 100% sure that I am going to achieve my every dream using this power that The Secret gave me.

Now I know how to be happy and how to face difficulties with a smile. The Secret changed the inner me and gave me a new picture of myself that I love and adore. I recommend this to everyone. Whoever is reading this story, I encourage you to share your story so that everyone can get benefit and encouragement reading your story.

Thank you so much to The Secret!

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