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How I Got A Job I Wanted.

Submitted by: Ana M.


A shy girl who is improving her life using the LOA.


Hello, everyone!

I want to thank Rhonda Byrne for bringing such incredible books into our lives, she has changed our lives for the better!

I submitted another story some time ago about how small things started to manifest for me after reading “The Secret”. That story hasn’t been published yet, but I hope it will be before this one.At the end of that story, if I remember correctly, I mentioned that I had two bigger goals that I wanted to manifest and that I was sure I’d be back with both of them. One of the goals was to get a well paid job during summer, and here I am now, talking about how I got that job.

I am now a student for a Master’s degree and I just finished the first year. During the last academic year, I wanted to get a part-time job to finally gain my own money, since I got sick of always asking my family for money. I went to a few interviews, but I had no luck, there weren’t any part-time positions available for me. Honestly, I am a very shy person and my self-esteem was quite low, so I think that my low self-esteem got me unwanted results. After every interview, I had doubts about being accepted because I  think that deep inside of me, I didn’t feel worthy of a good job then.

Then I thought that maybe if I worked full-time, I would be hired and that it would be better for me if I got a job in the summer for 2 to 3 months before starting my second year. I had 3 companies in mind that would pay well for full-time. There was one that I especially wanted because the work place is quite close to where I live and I liked the office buildings there. I applied for them and for the other companies and they called me. I study foreign languages so the job is about that. They called me to give me more details about the job and send me the language tests. They were quite easy, so I did them quite fast. I was a bit afraid of the speaking part, since I need more practice on that, but I kept on believing that I passed them all.

A few days later, they called me to tell me that I passed the tests with high scores and they invited me to the interview. I was a bit anxious but I did my best. The next day, as they had promised, they called me to tell me that I was accepted! I was so happy! I knew it was going to happen! Yes, I did have doubts, I was afraid that they would not call, but I tried as much as I could not to let these negative feelings and emotions bring me down. Changing negative thought has always been a rather difficult task for me but I did it! I am so happy that I will soon be getting my own money.

Thank you, Universe and thank you, Rhonda and your team for helping me at getting this job!

I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing me this job, and for bringing that person back into my life!

Thank you, dear Universe! Thank you, Rhonda! Thank you to all the people who have shared their stories here, because they helped me a lot during this journey and they are still helping me! And thank you for the people who read this story, I hope I inspired you at least a little bit!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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