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  • Date Posted: Mar 16, 2017
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I Got My Dream Phone!



I am 25 years old, a dreamer and believer .

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I Got My Dream Phone!

Thank you so much to Rhonda mam and all the teachers of The Secret.

Back in 2006 when this book was published my dad gave me this amazing book called The Secret. I have applied The Secret in my life to manifest many things which I absolutely love.

A while back, I wanted to buy an iPhone 6 S Rose Gold. I kept it’s picture as my wallpaper on my desktop at work, and whenever I saw this picture on my phone, I used to give it love. I also used to repeat and say to myself that one day I will have this phone. Every morning I woke up with the same thought of having an iPhone 6 S and that to in only the Rose Gold color. Whenever I saw the advertisement on TV I use to feel so happy, like butterflies in my stomach, and again I would always say that I will get this phone.

After some months I got engaged and my fiance gave me the same phone which I was dreaming about! An iPhone 6 S Rose Gold!! I have also manifested Adidas shoes in the very same way as my phone and my brother gifted me the shows. So I know that it works! Stay tuned.


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