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Good Things Come In Threes.

Submitted by: Lee L.

Toronto, ON

I am a teacher who works with students with Special Needs, a mother of one, and a friend to many.


I will admit to being a skeptic. My mother tried to get me to read The Secret years ago, but I refused until I needed a book for a long drive down through the States. I chose The Secret from the local library in preparation for my trip, and while my son happily watched movies in the backseat, I listened my way through this book. At its conclusion, I decided to give the LOA a chance to make my life even more fulfilling.

As a regular daily journal contributor, I added an entry that included three things that I would like to see happen over the course of the next year. I wanted to take on more responsibility at work as the Head of the Department. I wanted to get back into music which I had abandoned at the end of high school. I wanted to get some of my poems published. While putting these wishes down on paper, I clearly imagined myself in the role of each, and found that I was quite happy after having written it.

I normally reread my journal entries before contributing new ones, so I revisited my “three things” quite frequently over the course of a few weeks, and always found myself smiling after reading the entry. Then the situations that I described began coming true.

I will admit to having “rationalized” others’ success with the LOA through the idea that the success that these people experienced was the result of taking action toward conscious goal achievement. These people were obviously taking conscious steps to achieve their goals, and then, self doubters that they were, claiming that their success was due to the LOA.

When my success began, however, I realized how wrong I was. You see, my success came to me without me having to do anything at all.

First, the principal at my school mentioned to me out of the blue that one of the department heads at my school was going to go on maternity leave. She stated that she was allowed to appoint a department head from within the school without having to interview to fill in for this teacher for the upcoming year. She then proceeded to tell me that if I’d like the job, it was mine. Within a matter of weeks of writing this goal in my journal, I was a Department Head in my school.

Around this same time, the music teacher at my school and I were talking at a workshop. He knew that I played saxophone because I had played in his “teacher band” once a few years back. Out of the blue, he told me that he was a member of the local community band and swing band and that both groups were looking for a tenor saxophone player. He even offered to lend me a saxophone, as I didn’t own one at the time. Again, within weeks of envisioning myself playing music again, I was a member of not one, but two bands.

Finally, a few months later, the Head of the English department at my school and I were talking about things that we were involved in at the board level. I was a member of a mentoring group, and she told me that she was on a writing team who was in charge of creating an online English program for grade 10 students. She knew that I wrote poetry because I had taught the Writer’s Craft class at my former school and we had talked about it a few years before. On this day, however, when talking about her writing team, she asked if I would consent to write two poems for her online course on thematic topics of her choosing. Within a few months, I was not only a published poet, but grade 10 students were, and still are, studying my writing to help them to earn a credit.

In all three of these scenarios, I didn’t have to research anything, intentionally talk to anyone, or apply for anything. In all three situations, I was the one who was approached without having to make any effort myself. The LOA worked for me and I would love for other skeptics to give this a try and see what it can do for them.

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