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  • Submitted by: Gary S.
  • Date Posted: Feb 12, 2018
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Too Good Not to Share!

Gary S.

Brooklyn, NY

Single guy, Entrepreneur living in New York City. Learned about The Secret/LOA 2012 and have learned that when I pray, am patient and have trust and faith, The Divine/Universe will deliver in wondrous and amazingly unexpected ways.

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Too Good Not to Share!

Late May 2017, I’m hustling to get out the door to move my car because here in NYC, many neighborhoods have alternate side parking on specific days. With only approximately 10 minutes to walk and move my car, as I close the front door behind me and it self locks, just then I realize I don’t have either my car keys or my apartment keys.

First thought is, ‘Damn! I’m getting a parking ticket’.

I call my friend who has a backup set of keys to my apartment but he won’t be able to help me for at least another 30 minutes. He suggests that I head over to the car anyway and maybe I’ll encounter a sympathetic parking agent who’ll be lenient if I explain my plight. I say a short prayer to The Divine/Universe asking to help me and head over to my vehicle.

Walking towards my car I notice there is some type of construction crew with their vehicles all around my car – oh gosh! As I get closer I notice that they have my car on what I can describe as vehicle roller skates, contraptions that attach to each wheel and lift the car up so as to make it possible to slide or move it around.

They end up being the most helpful group. They ask me ‘Where do you want us to move your car?’. The other side of the street is already filled with no available spots; or so I thought. As we are talking, a lady starts up her car, pulls out of a legal parking spot and the guys simply roll/slide my car into that same spot.

I think my mouth hung open for at least 30 seconds as I watched this all unfold before my eyes. I said to The Divine/Universe: ‘Oh you’re so showing off right now and I like it! LOL! Thank you’.

Prayer and faith work y’all.

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