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Good Night’s Sleep.

Submitted by: Mrs. Navy

Dhk, Bd

Life just keeps on getting better.


Firstly to Rhonda and her team, thank you for being the kind souls that you are and letting The Secret out for us to use and live the amazing life we were all meant to. This is I think my fourth story here on this website. One got published and I am sure the next two will be too. But off to my story.

Recently, I don’t know how, but my bed got infested with bed bugs that would come out at night while I slept and bite me, making it impossible for me to sleep. I changed all of my bedding but they still managed to get in my bed again and every night I would get bitten.

I kept coming back to this site to read the stories and keep myself motivated. That was when I read the story called “Bugs be gone” and I thought, hey I can do that as well.

So I said to Allah “Thank you, thank you, thank you for my good night sleep in my safe bed.”.  The first night I said this before going to bed and I slept rather peacefully and didn’t get bitten that much. The second day I said it and went to sleep and I was bitten by over 15 of them! I woke up, turned the lights on and the horror I saw then got me so mad that I killed each and every one of them. But I knew it was far from over. So I called my mother immediately and asked he to look and even she was terrified.

To be honest, that night for a minute, I thought that the LOA didn’t work because here I was being grateful but I was being bitten like anything. But then I calmed myself and said to myself that I believe in Allah completely and he has my back.” So the next day we took the bedding out in the sun and cleaned it out and sprayed aerosols. That killed a lot of them but not all. Now this was the third day, and that day the bites were less and just one or two came out.

I began to think, okay, there has to be something I can do to permanently to get rid of this problem. So again that night I was being thankful for my safe bed when all of a sudden I felt like Googling about bed bugs and easy ways to kill them. As I Googled I found out that lavender essential oils kills them and makes it impossible for them to live and breed. And guess who had a bottle of lavender essential oil in her room?

That’s right. I poured a few drops at every corner of my bed and that night I slept in peace. Not only does lavender essential oil help you relax and sleep, it was also repelling the bugs. I continued to use it for two weeks and guess what?

There are no more bed bugs in my bed. Due to the strong smell they not only died but they couldn’t lay eggs as well and now my bed is completely safe. Later I realized that lavender essential oil was the perfect solution to my wish for a good night’s sleep in my safe bed.

All of this happened because I was already grateful for what I wanted as if I already had it. And if doubt comes to your mind, repeatedly say “I trust you Universe completely and I know you got my back” until the doubt vanishes.

Thank you, all of you for the amazing stories you post for they motivate me a lot and they give me that special boost that I need.

Magic Dust to you all.

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