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Giving up …almost…..

Submitted by: Lyn S


I am a single mom (divorced for 11 yrs) with a 14 yrs old son,starting a new business....


About 6 years ago before ever hearing of “the Secret” someone once told me to “Let go and Let God” I had never thought about that before as actually working ….At this particular time in my life I had been on disability leave from work (I was injured on the job), my rent was 3 months past due and I was facing eviction with no help in sight….needless to say I worried beyond belief!!!!

After laying in bed for hours crying scared of what would happen to me and my son,I decided to try “letting Go” so I prayed (God is my “universe” to me) and simply said “You know what I need. I don’t have to give you a number on the amount of money I need. I just need to believe in my heart you truly will take care of things for me and I promise not to think or worry about this anymore” and I did just that. Instead of worrying I focused on what I could do….which was continue physical therapy etc to get well (I had no use of my arms from the forearms down including my hands) After my divorce (when my son was only 3 yrs old) my ex husband stopped paying child support and was over $10,000 behind in his support. I had gone to court and they just had him paying an extra $20 bucks a week till he was “caught up” (now ya know that will take forever!!!) Anyway what I didn’t know was that the court had put a lein on his home ….about 3 weeks after letting the “universe” take care of things, I received a check in the mail for $10,000. I was so freaked out I had to have my son count the zeros on the check …I called child support and asked if it was a mistake and was told no it was a real check …apparently he had sold his house and the back support was paid directly to me from the sale!!!!! Now keep in mind I had gone to court almost 2 years prior to this just to get the extra $20 bucks a week on the back support. It was not only enough to pay our rent up and catch up all the bills and have enough to get back on our feet BUT then a few weeks later I also got a $4000 check from my income taxes !!!! and was able to get us 2 computers as well….

Years have gone by and although I remember that moment of my life constantly I have forgotten a few things…..To let the universe handle things…ask for what I need…and be ready to receive it!!!!!

Thank you for making the movie “The Secret” it reminded me of what I need to do NOW!!!! I just started my own practice (massage therapy) and have done NO advertising …yet my practice is growing already!!! and not by referrals of those who know me but by those who just happen across my practice!!!!! I KNOW it is because I now remember to use “The Secret” !!!!! I plastered things on my walls around me to help me to never forget to use the secret again!!!!! When I receive the DVD I will have my son watching it also!!! This is a Secret worth telling over and over again!!!!!!!

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